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Do you need your eyes to start sparkle? Wearing eye makeup that contains glitter is a great way to increase your glam factor. It is so easy to mix and match shadow these days to create a sparkling final result. Try this amazing sparkling eyes makeup tutorial and be tonight’s glitter warrior! The hardest part about getting this right is that everyone has different eye shapes, but with our tips and tricks and a little patience you’ll be rocking this look in no time. We have devised a foolproof guide in order to perfect the sparkling eyes look, so let’s dive right in!

Step 1: After applying an eyelid primer to help keep your shadow in place all day, start by applying brownish shadow to the entire lid as a base. Then, add the silver glitter to the centre of the lid. Using a shimmery shadow here will help bring light to your eyes and will make your eyeshadow look more 3-dimensional.

Step 2: Apply black shadow to the inner and outer corners of your lid. Remember that it is easier to add more shadow than to take it away. Start with less than you think you might need. You can always apply more.

Step 3: Gently blend the black shadow towards the crease. Then, with a clean makeup brush smudge the silver glitter a bit with back and forth motions.

Step 4: Refine the waterline by applying black shadow. You can blow on the brush after dipping it into the shadow to ensure you won’t ruin your eye makeup with unwanted shadow dust. Then, apply white eye pencil underneath to make your eyes appear bigger.

Step 5: Smudge the waterline with a thin makeup brush.

Step 6: Apply your eyeliner and false eyelashes. It’s time for the finishing touches. Apply your favourite volumizing mascara, and you’re good to go!

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