Snake Skin Nail Art Tutorial

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Nail treatments with patterns and texture are all the rage right now, but this new manicure technique may be taking the obsession with animal print. Get ready to blow clients away with sss-something reptilian! You have probably seen lots of snakeskin manicures on Pinterest or Instagram over time and you have always thought it would be extremely complicated to do. This is not true and this tutorial will show you how easy it is to recreate the snake skin nail art!

For this tutorial you will need mesh or tulle fabric, top coat polish, white nail polish, yellow polish, brown polish, dark brown polish, dark green nail polish and a base coat.

Step 1: Put one layer of base coat on your nail. Apply two coats of a light colour. Wait for the polish to be mostly dry. Apply one coat of fast-drying top coat to speed up the process. This manicure requires some mesh or tulle fabric. Place it onto your nail and stretch it over the surface of your fully dried nail.

Step 2: Take your contrasting yellow nail colour and apply it with the brush over the fabric, allowing the colour to seep into the gaps in the weave.

Step 3: Add drops of brown polish on top of the mesh or tulle fabric with your dotting tool or nail polish brush.

Step 4: Take a darker brown polish and repeat this process.

Step 5: Using a piece of a makeup sponge to dab on bits of other different colours until you have created the perfect snake skin effect.

Step 6: Carefully remove the mesh off your finger once all the nail polishes have dried completely. Apply a top coat and clean up around the nail. Done! Snake skin nail art without the animal skin or the steep price tag!

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