Smoky Design for Casual Needs

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The smoky makeup design is one of the most preferred makeup designs. Once you master it, it becomes simple to apply, it saves to time and stress, because the fact that it is basically a smudged shape of the makeup products makes it wide open for improvisation. And when a makeup design is so preferred, it means that it can be adjusted to different situations and needed styles. For instance, you can turn the smoky makeup from heavy, night makeup to day-appropriate makeup design, only by changing its color. Today we will see a tutorial for a smoky makeup that is perfect for your casual needs, because it is soft and brown and it don’t look like you are coming back from a wild party last night. So, take a look at the steps and you will see how easy it is to look good every day. Here we go:

  • As usual, you have to start with a primer. This simple layer will hold the makeup all day long without smudging it – a perfect feature for every makeup design.

  • Then, line the top lash line with black pencil and line the outer half of the bottom lash line. Put the color right at the roots of the lashes. This is the best way to guarantee thick-looking eyelashes.

  • Then, smudge the top line upwards with a brush. Give your best to smudge the line into a perfectly curved shape. Just trace the natural line of the lid.

  • Then, cover the whole lid with soft brown color. Now you can see what we did there with the black color – we thickened the gap between the lashes and the brown color.

  • Then, if only the size of your eyes allows it, trace the bottom rim with the black pencil and then top it with a little bit of brown shadow in order to enhance the bottom lid as well.

  • Finish the look with a coat of mascara. Done! Enjoy the look and come back for more great ideas and designs!

smoky design for casual events

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