Signs Showing You are Not in a Healthy Relationship

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A lot of people dream about a strong and healthy relationship but unfortunately life does not turn out the way we want it sometimes. There are a lot of couples who are in a relationship just because they are used to being with each other. They do not notice the fact that this relationship causes them more harm than good but they do not realize it because of this ordinariness they are in.

Today we are going to show you some of the signs showing that you are not is a healthy relationship. Maybe it would be time to consider a breakup.

#1 Hardly any intimacy

We all know that a healthy relationship involves having sex. This is one of the first rules of relationships. If, however, a couple has stopped having sex, then there is something wrong with their relations. This goes for a long period of time, like if you have not touched each other for about 3 months.

Then maybe it is time to think of some ways to revive the passion you had before. It is better not to neglect this sign because with time you may end up being more miserable than happy together.

#2 You do not have fun together any more

I have always been against the routines of couples who do everything together and have stopped being two individuals. But the other extreme is as bad as the first one. If a couple does not spend a healthy amount of time together having fun, then are they really in a healthy and strong relationship? Doubtful, very doubtful.

A couple should spend a good enough time doing something together. Apart from the physical contact, they should have some spiritual one as well, otherwise they would not be a couple.

#3 Your partner has stopped being respectful

Another of the signs, which actually is a very serious one, is when a person has stopped being respectful towards their partner. There are some people who even become abusive. They do not care about their partner’s feelings. They start joking in an abusive way, or simply do not care about their partner’s opinion.

Unfortunately, there are even some extreme cases of physical abuse. You should never allow this to happen to you – neither verbal, nor physical abuse. This is surely not a relationship to be in. In such ways do not be afraid to ask for help and to tell your family and friends the problems you have with your partner.

#4 You spend more time on the computer or your phone, than talking and being with each other

Nowadays people spend more time in the internet than talking to each other. Have you noticed the number of people chatting on their phones than actually speaking to their friend who is sitting right next to them? The number is so big, than it is scary.

Even couples do it. They spend time “together” but they are actually chatting with somebody else on their phone, or spending time in social media without doing anything purposeful. If a couple is feeling bored when they are spending time together, do you think they are actually in a healthy relationship?

#5 You do not stay close to each other

When people are in love, they want to feel the touch of their partner as much as they ca. If, however, one of the partner does not want to stay close to the other partner, let alone cuddle with them, then this is surely a sign of less affection.

Maybe it would be time to acknowledge that there is a problem in your relationship and the ways you can solve it. You can be sure that if one of the partners, of even both of them, do not want to feel the touch of the other one every now and again, then they have drifted apart and with time the problem could become even bigger.

#6 Everything else is a priority

A person should always know which the priorities in their life are. And if this is their job and not their family and their partner, then this is surely a sign of an unhealthy relationship. There could be some extreme cases when a person puts their job first and not their partner, but this should not be a routine. Otherwise, the people will only torture themselves in this relationship. And it will be more than clear that their feelings to each other have faded away. Have this in mind if your relationship turns out this way.

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