Red Carpet-Ready Updo with Braids

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Forget the champagne toasts and casual dates. We girls know that this time of year is really all about getting glammed up and hitting the town in our sparkly finest. Well, whatever the occasion is, we always want to look our best. This is why we have outlined each step of this absolutely gorgeous red carpet-ready updo with braids.

Step 1: Brush your locks through to ensure they’re smooth and free from tangles. Then, separate the crown area from the rest of your hair. Use bobby pins to secure the top section at the back of your head. Remember to slightly twist it before pinning it.

Step 2: Divide the bottom part of your hair into three sections, leaving the middle one as the thickest. Start braiding each section into a traditional three-strand braid. When you reach the end, secure each braid individually with a clear rubber band. Remember, the small elastics are easier to hide in the finished styles. After, loosely pull on the edges of the braids to add volume in them.

Step 3: Grab the middle braid and wrap it around until you create a bun at the back of your head.

Step 4: Secure with enough bobby pins. Arranging the pins in a criss-cross shape will ensure additional hold.

Step 5: Take one of the other braids and wrap it around the exterior of the bun.

Step 6: Again, use several bobby pins to keep your braid from falling.

Step 7: Wrap the last braid and coil it clockwise into a bun.

Step 8: Secure it with many pins to keep it in place.

Step 9: Finish off with your favourite strong hold hairspray. If you wish, you may add a decorative accessory that lays right on top of your braided bun! Are you ready to show off your red carpet-ready updo hairstyle to the world?

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