Questions Which You Can Ask on First Dates

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There are a lot of women and men who are asking themselves how to impress a person on a first date and at the same time how to get to know them better without looking awkward doing it. In fact, if a person does not have so much experience with love relationships, it will truly be a difficult task to find the answers to these questions right away.

And if you do not know which the most suitable questions to ask on a first date are, we decided to make a list with such for you. Here is a list of questions which is good to ask on a first date in order to both make a good impression and to find out some more personal information about the person you have started dating.

#1 “What is the perfect day for you?”

This question could be considered to be a bit obvious but if you ask the person what they think is a perfect day, you will find out not only what they like to do in their spare time but at the same time what kind of person they are. If they answer that they want to be with their family, then they are probably a family type of such.

Or if they say that they want to be alone and to relax only, they are probably not so sociable. Or they may not know the answer, which could mean that they are confused and even a bit lost. The question to this answer can show you a lot about this person.

#2 “If you had the opportunity to have a conversation with any person in the world, no matter whether they are famous or nor, dead or alive, which would that person be?”

Here is another interesting question that will reveal a lot about a person’s interests. You could even ask yourself this question. And when this person answers the question, make sure you ask them why they chose this answer and what kind of questions they would ask them.

This way you can learn what this person is most obsessed with, or concerned about. This is surely a question which a person who tends to philosophize about life would like and would really appreciate. So this would also show you

#3 “Would you like to be famous and if so what for?”

Here is another question which can show you some of this person’s traits and you can get to know them better. At the same time this is a conversation starter. If the conversation goes this way, you can ask the question and it will match the situation well. You can also find out whether this person is conceited, selfish, greedy, or not.

#4 Ask them to say 3 sentences beginning with “we” speaking about your date

This is not exactly a question, but it can surely help you find out what your date thinks about you two being together. The sentences can tell whether this person finds you only as a friend, as one-night stand, or as something more serious.

Sentences like “We are having lots of fun together” and “we are getting to know each other better” may be the signal that this person is taking you seriously. At the same time this little game could not appeal to some people and they may find it strange, so you also need to make sure that if you mention it, the moment needs to be appropriate.

#5 “What kind of topics you avoid joking about?”

The next question is actually an appropriate one to ask on a first date if you have still not broken the ice and you are wondering what to talk about. It will be a conversation starter, at the same time it will show you some of the topics that you should avoid joking about when you are together, and you will learn much about the person and their interests.

If they say, for example, that religion is an inappropriate topic to joke about, then maybe the reason for this is their religious beliefs. And this will help you indirectly ask questions you are secretly asking yourself about this person.

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