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Spring is probably most people’s favorite season because the weather is nice and warm but it is not too hot, like in the summer. Another thing that makes this season people’s favorite one is the blooming and colorful nature. The sky has a clear blue color again and the sun shines pleasantly.

Such great weather definitely deserves some new pieces of clothes to be added in one’s wardrobe. And if you still have not been on a shopping spree this season, then it is about time to do it. We have prepared for you some outfit ideas perfect for this week.

#1 White Fairy

The first of the outfit ideas in our list which you can try this week is called White Fairy because of the innocent and gentle touch it has on it. For the bottom part of the outfit we have chosen a white pencil skirt a little bit below the knee.

You can match it with a dirty white loose v-neck sweater. People are used to wearing sweaters mainly in the winter but there are some not so thick ones made of cotton fabric.

To make this outfit a little bit more casual, you can match it with a pair of white sneakers. You can wear flats instead if you prefer. As for the accessories, you may match the white outfit with a straw bag to add some summer mood into the outfit. You can also put your hair up in a loose bun and you will become a true White Fairy.

#2 Shirt Skirt

The next outfit idea is for the warmer day of the week and it is only one-piece outfit. There are some long shirts which some short and slim women can wear as dresses. The fabric is nice and gentle, usually it is cotton. If you are wondering which color to choose for the outfit, my advice will be a light one, like light blue, white, or beige. If you choose white, you can match it with golden or brown accessories. If you choose blue or beige, you can choose brown accessories.

And since we have started discussing the accessories, you can add a belt to the outfit to define your waistline. You can also add long earrings in the above-mentioned colors, and some bracelet. When it comes to the bag, you can choose a small shoulder one with long handles. And last, but not least, do not forget to add a pair of sneakers as well.

#3 Long skirt and a top

The next outfit idea is personally my favorite one because I love long skirts. Still, there are a lot of women who avoid wearing them probably because they feel uncomfortable in them. Well, if you are one of the women who is ready to give these special pieces of clothing a chance, then you can try this outfit. There are, of course, different variations to it.

You can choose long blue pleated skirt with black belt and white top with black saying on it. You can match the outfit with a pair of white sneakers to make it more casual. And do not forget to tie your hair up in a ponytail, on in a loose bun.

Another version of this outfit could be a little bit more elegant. You can choose a long red tulle skirt, with floor length. You can choose a black top to match it with. Another important thing which you can add to the outfit is a red floppy hat. The red color of the hat will be a great match to the red color of the skirt. And all of this put together will create an elegant outfit you could even wear to some more special occasions, like brunch parties and so on.

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