Outfit Ideas for Cool Summer Days

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The last days of the summer are not the best days for the people who do not want it to end. There are people who want it to be summer all year round. Unfortunately, if you do not live in a particular part of the world, this is not possible. That is why it is better to prepared for the coming fall season beforehand and to feel comfortable with its coming.

One of the ways I do this is by fashion. I choose specific clothes and combinations I could wear at this time of the year. And since it is the end of the summer and there may be some cooler days, then there are plenty of outfit combinations you could try.

Today we have prepared for you some outfit suggestions which could inspire you to wear them during the cooler days of summer.

#1 Outstanding yellow

The interesting thing about our outfit suggestions as a whole is that they combine the colorfulness of the summer with the dark colors of the coming autumn. In our first suggestion the color that we have chosen to be the outstanding one is yellow. Yellow is also a fresh and happy color which will make you feel good about the cool weather.

You can wear a cardigan in a yellow color which you could take off in case the weather gets warmer for a while as it sometimes happens during the last summer days. And you can put the cardigan back on at night when the temperatures drop dramatically.

You can match the yellow cardigan with a white top under it and a pair of blue denim jeans. You could make the outfit more of a sporty one if you add a pair of sneakers and a cap to add this touch to the outfit. With the cap you will also keep some memory of the summer and you will protect your head from the sun.

#2 Little black dress

For the next outfit we have prepared a fashion piece that is a must when it comes to a woman’s wardrobe – a little black dress. It is said that every woman should have such one for different occasions. You can also wear it for a casual day in the city.

You could match a short black dress with short sleeves that is a little bit above the knee. You could match it with a long beige coat that is thin and perfect for cool but not cold days. You can roll the sleeves up if you get warm and this way you can make it look even more fashionable.

You can match the set with high heels if you want to make it look more elegant, or if you want to stick to some kind of a sporty style, you can simply wear a pair of sneakers. If you do not have a specific dress code at work, you can wear it in the office. You could also wear your hair up and add a small handbag in black to match the color of the dress.

#3 Dark set with bright accessories

The next outfit idea in the list is again inspired by the colorfulness of the summer and the brownness of the coming autumn. You can match the colors by sticking to simple colors for the main outfit, like brown, white, and black, and wear them with bright colors for the accessories.

For example, you could wear a white shirt with a black pair of jeans and match them with a green bag and a belt in the same green color. You could also add a pair of earrings in the same green color that will make your outfit even more eye-stopping.

You can use other colors instead of the green, or you could match two colors, for example, blue and yellow – yellow earrings and yellow handbag with a blue belt and blue high heels.

And you could make the outfit complete if you add a dark blazer to it, preferably in black color. This way the bright colors of the accessories will be even more popping compared to the darkness of the blazer and the jeans.

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