Out of the Ordinary Bun Hairstyle

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If you are in a desperate need to have a gorgeous hairstyle– look no further. Today’s hair tutorial is an elegant and romantic, fancy bun for medium or long hair. This look is so different and unique; it is absolutely out of the ordinary. Say goodbye to bad hair days with this detailed tutorial! Now, follow the simple steps below and you will learn how to recreate this amazing hairstyle!

Step 1: Add a little leave-in conditioner on your ends and lengths of your hair. Comb your hair very well and gather it in a front side ponytail (left or right).

Step 2: Split your hair from the ponytail into 3 sections and take one in your hand.

Step 3: With the styling comb separate a small hair strand from the section you have in your hand and start rolling it around the hair.

Step 4: After the first roll, spray the hair with some hairspray and use the straightener over it to make sure the hair will stay in the same place as you want it to stay.

Step 5: Continue rolling and repeating the previous step until you have no hair left to roll, then secure the end with a small and invisible hair band.

Step 6: Now, puff up your hair strand a little bit as you can see on the pictures in this tutorial.

Step 7: Repeat the process twice for the hair that is left.

Step 8: Take some bobby pins and fix the bun with them making sure you hide the ends of the strands under the bun.

Step 9: Finish with some hairspray to make sure the lovely bun stays in place all day long! Here is another amazing trick: adding a ribbon or a flower accessory at the base of your braided bun will make it look softer and more feminine! Now you are ready to go out and show off your amazing new hairstyle to the world!

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