Oriental Inspirations for Your Gorgeous Nails

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Let’s face it, you are inspired by the Bollywood movie production, and it’s absolutely logical to be fascinated by these pieces of art, if I may say. The movies are so colorful, rich in music, plot line and drama that they consume every single part of your concentration while you watch one of these movies. The last one that I watched is called Ram and Leela and it is an Indian interpretation of the classic Romeo and Juliet. Except for the story itself, the one thing that grabbed my attention is the appearance of the women in the movie. The clothes are so colorful and decorated with small details, that I was absolutely hypnotized by the dances, the songs and the scenes.

But there is one special detail of the whole look that I liked the most – the henna tattoos all over the women’s hands and legs. Their ornaments are so delicate and symmetrical that you wonder how is it even possible a hand to draw so perfectly well, especially on difficult-to-draw-on canvas, which is the human skin. So, I decided to show you an interpretation of these tattoos – nail decorations. As long as it is almost impossible to have a henna tattooand go to the office looking like this, we can make a compromise by decorating our nails with details, inspired by the Indian henna tattoos. Take a look at the ideas down below:

You can bet on more simple decorations and colors if the rules at your office are to have strict, formal look. How about turquoise base and black decoration? Just like these manicures:

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But if you are allowed to be more colorful in the work environment, you must try this idea, because the colors are bright and matching. Such a rich decoration must be applied on nude-colored base.



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