Non-Sexual Things about Women Which Men Find Attractive

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Nowadays people are used to uncomplicated open relationships which are mostly focused on the sexual part of a relationship. It is true that sex is very important but is this the only thing that keeps a couple together? Are men only attracted by the physical appearance of a woman?

I personally believe that there are other things apart from the obvious sexual ones that men find attractive. And that is why I decided to list them for you today. Who knows, you may end up trying to seduce some guy using some of the things in the list.

#1 Baseball caps

It is true that men find attractive sexy fitted clothes, especially dresses and short skirts but sometimes a woman could put on a tracksuit and they fall for her. There are a lot of men who are huge sports fans and they find it attractive to see a woman wearing some football jersey or a baseball cap.

That is why you could take advantage of a man’s interest and actually impress him when you show up for one of your dates with a cap of his favorite sports team.

#2Ignoring them

The next thing that a man finds attractive about women is ignore. It may sound a bit strange, but if you think about it, it makes sense. The more a woman calls, or texts a man, the easier prey she would seem.

But if a woman starts ignoring a man, then she would seem more interesting to him. Still you need to be very careful if you try this trick because if you are way too distant, the guy may end up giving up on you.

#3 Smart women

Oh, yes, this surely is my favorite number in the list. In the past, when women were not that emancipated and were treated not as equal, the image of the blonde simple girl was everywhere imposing the belief that men like stupid women.

Luckily, this is not the case. In fact, men are crazy about smart women and not only this but they are attracted to women smarter than them, even if they do not admit it. So, yes, smart is the new sexy. Do not hide it!

#4 Stretch marks

There are a lot of women who are not comfortable in their own bodies. They think they have some extra pounds on, stretch marks and cellulitis, and that men will not like them because of these “flaws”.

The good news is that men who not only don’t mind these “flaws” but they like them and find them attractive. Who would have guessed that the things women are trying to get rid of and feel self-conscious about can actually be considered attractive by men?!

#5 Clumsiness

Another thing that men consider cute and sweet is a woman to be a bit clumsy. Bumping into things, or dropping some glass on the floor could seem annoying but men find them sweet. This is because a woman seems innocent this way and a man’s chivalric urge to protect women awakens then. Men like it when women are fragile and need protection that is why you should not be embarrassed by this quality of yours if you have it.

#6 A morning stretch

And since we are talking about somewhat unusual and unexpected things may find attractive with women, stretching comes next. And we are not talking about stretching at the gym with all those girls wearing fitted sports kits, but about the sleepy stretch in the morning. It is maybe because it is cute and shows a woman in a non-aggressive but calm mood.

#7 Saying their name

You will probably agree on this one because women also find it attractive when a man says their name. It may not be one’s full name, but the way people call them. This awakens some kind of a spark in a person and they actually feel good when they hear it. That is why you should not hesitate to call a man you like by their first name. This will impress him.

#8 Ankle socks

The next thing in the list may surprise you a little but it makes sense if you think about it again. Men find women wearing ankle socks attractive maybe because it reminds them of school girls, thus of some innocence and a very hot movie plot. It is better to have this trick in your sleeve if you are about to seduce a man. Or should I say “a trick in your socks”.

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