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We all know that thick brows are required for every self-respecting girl. Often the thin and sparse brows can make you look old or like a girl who doesn’t take enough care of her look, which is a problem when you compete into a world full of gorgeous women, trying to win one decent man. Admit it, the appearance is highly important these days.

So, there are many reasons for the brows to be pale and thin, but the one thing you should care about is to be healthy and then work on your look. Down below I will show you how to work on the brows naturally in order to get them to grow hairs. There are a few natural ingredients which work great on the body-hair growth:

  • Castor Oil. It will boost up the growth of the eyebrows, because of its protein, vitamins, fatty acids and antioxidants. Just soak a cotton swab in the castor oil and apply the soaked cotton pieces on the brows. Massage for a few minutes with your fingers in order to help the skin pores absorb the castor oil better and then leave the oil over the night, don’t rinse the brows. In the morning, wash the oil off.

  • The same thing can be done with coconut oil as well.

  • The Olive Oil is another great product for bossing hair growth because it is rich in vitamin E.

But until the brows become bold and thicker again, you should learn how to color them in order to look good all the time. Here is how you should shape and color the brows:

  1. First outline the desired shape. It will be better if you follow the natural lines of the brow. Use a brow pencil.

  2. Then fill in the shape with a brush, because it creates more natural-looking texture of the brows.

  3. Highlight the area under the brow with a light concealer.

  4. Done!

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