Nail Decoration For a Holiday Look

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You shouldn’t deny it – the fall is here and it is going to get even colder, it smells like Winter outside, which means it’s coming! But that’s not so bad. When the winter comes, the Christmas will come too, also the vacation, the gifts and the joyful mood. There is one specific detail that I like the most about the cold winter nights – the soft light, coming out of the people’s houses. The light is so soft and sparkly because of the Christmas lights and the playful fire in the fireplace. You can hear laughs and many voices from behind these windows, because the whole family is gathered around the table or in the living room, sharing memories and creating new ones, catching up and telling jokes with their siblings. A beautiful picture, isn’t it? Let me show you how to recreate this picture with a minimalist nail decoration. You will need the light – a golden shimmer; the night – a black background; and the window – thin tape strips and a nail file. Check out the steps and if you love the winter family time, you should try this manicure right away. Here we go:

  • First, you have to achieve a nail shape that will match the decoration, which is a square one – the nail must look like a window.

  • Then apply a base coat to the nails, you’ll have to protect them from the black color, which is capable of damaging the nails by making them yellow-ish.

  • Apply two coats of the black nail polish if it is not opaque. If it is opaque – only one layer will be enough.

  • Once the black background is completely dry, you should stick three vertical thin strips.

  • Then stick three horizontal strips.

  • Put the golden shimmer on a sponge.

  • Create a fading effect on the tip of the nails.

  • Reapply until the tip of the nail is fully covered with the golden nail polish.

  • Clean the mess and lock the decoration with a thick layer of top coat.

Do you feel the Christmas mood now?

nail art for special night

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