Makeup Trends You Should Forget about

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The thing that is really great about trends is that a lot of them change quickly. There could be fashion trends that are popular one season and the next one to be excluded from this list. The same goes for makeup trends. They change pretty quickly no matter if you realize it, or not.

Today we are going to show you some beauty trends that you will soon need to leave in the past no matter how much you like them or not. And the good thing is that you may already know and like some of these trends. Check them out!

#1 Contouring

It is hard to believe that this extremely popular makeup trend will be one of the ones that will soon become unpopular because it is a huge hit still. However, it takes not only a lot of time, but it also is not a natural one and takes a lot of time to blend the colors.

Well, the new year and the new season that is coming will be all about the natural look and the natural tan. So, this also means that applying foundation that is a couple of tones darker than your natural skin complexion will stay in the past as well.

#2 Over-shaping brows

Nowadays we are so used to shape our brows when we apply our makeup that I am sure few women can imagine their makeup routine without over-shaping their brows. There are a lot of women who draw their brows in such a way that it has nothing to do with their natural brow shape. And sometimes these techniques do not make them a favor.

In fact, over-shaped brows look unnatural and a little fake. Well, if you want to embrace some new makeup trends, then it is time to get used to the idea of leaving your brows the way they are, without shaping them using brow pencils or brow shadows.

#3 Matte Lipstick

Another trend that is a huge hit, but will soon be a part of the past, is applying matte lipstick. This will surely not happen for a day, but will take some time, so probably in the beginning of the next year you will notice more and more women wearing gloss lipstick instead of their favorite matte one. The new season will be all about such kinds of lipstick. If a couple of seasons ago this idea was considered a little strange compared to the matte version, now it is the other way around. So, prepare yourselves for this change.

#4 Nude eyelids

Another trend that is going to remain in the past, figuratively speaking, is nude eyelids. In other words, the brown eyeshadows and the nude eyelids will remain in the past and will give way to a more colorful makeup.

So, if you considered colorful eyeshadows as strange, think twice because the new season will be all about such kind of makeup. And if you cannot still get used to the idea, you may leave your eyelids bare – no brow, peach, or beige should touch them, not until they become popular once again.

#5 Highlighter

All the fans of the highlighter will probably not embrace the idea of apply no highlighter at all easily. As it was mentioned earlier, the new season will be about natural skin complexion, so no contouring, or extreme highlighter will be parts of the new trends. What you should do this season is to use a regular makeup powder instead of the highlighter. This will give you a more natural and fresh look.

#6 Candy hair

There are some periods in the history of hair trends that hair in candy colors, like pink, blue, and even green was popular. The new season will definitely not be one of these that encourage hair dyeing in unnatural colors like these. So, let’s hope that you have gone over this period if you are a fan of candy hair colors.

This season let you hair be in its natural color. If you want some change, you can then highlight your hair, or you can ask your stylist for an advice and they can recommend a suitable color for your skin complexion and your eyes.


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