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The whole lipstick makeup experience can be quite intimidating – from picking the right shade for your skin tone and spending a fortune on expensive products, to applying it without looking like a scary clown. And then, after all this, it’s so annoying when your beautiful lip colour rubs off before you’ve barely left the house! There are tons of great long-lasting lipsticks out there on the market, but here’s a simple trick you can try to make any traditional lipstick last longer. If you are eager to know how, just follow the easy steps below and turn any ordinary lipstick into a gorgeous lipstick with a long lasting colour.



Step 1: To gently get rid of the dead, dry skin, apply a bit of Vaseline on a clean toothbrush and brush your lips in circular motions for five minutes. Use a towel to remove the excess Vaseline off your lips. Then, apply light coat of lip balm on your lips. This will relieve your dry, cracked lips by providing immediate moisture and shine. Let the lip balm sink in for a few minutes.

Step 2: Define your lips with a long-lasting pencil that is close shade to your natural lip colour. Trace the edges of your lips, starting at the center-top and center-bottom of your lips and then work your way outwards.

Step 3: Fill in your lips with the pencil as this will provide a good base for your lip color to adhere to. Next, apply your favourite lipstick on your entire lip area. The finish of the lipstick is entirely up to you, but if you have dry skin you may want to use moisturized lipstick or choose consider matte finish if your skin is oily.

Step 4: To blot your lips, stick a ply tissue between your lips and gently close your mouth. Make sure that the tissue you are using is of good quality so it won’t leave any paper bits on your lips. Then, recoat your lipstick and blot again to achieve a long-lasting, intense color. Now you can enjoy your lipstick all day and night without worrying whether it will smudge or fade away!

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