Little Known Places You Can Visit in Australia

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There are a lot of amazing places a person can visit around the world. Some of these places are well-known and tourists prefer to visit them whereas other places which people do not know much about are avoided.

Take for example Australia. Everybody has heard of the Great Barrier Reef and the Sidney Opera and wants to visit them if they have not yet, but this does not mean that there are no other places worth visiting. On the contrary, there are some great places there that not that many tourists visit. And maybe that is why they are so special.

Today we decided to show you some not that well-known places in Australia which you can visit if you want to have a good look at the Australian nature and culture. Check them out!

#1 The Pink Lake

Lake Hillier, also know as the Pink Lake, is becoming more and more popular among tourists. As its second name suggests the water in the lake is pink which makes it so attractive to a lot of people.

If you want to have a better look of the lake, you can take a helicopter ride above it. This way the water in the lake will look thicker as if it is a lake of bubble gum and not pink water.

The good thing is that it has not been proven that the water is dangerous to people which means that you can even have a walk around the lake and try the water.

#2 The floating forest

Have you ever thought that one day you can actually see a forest that will be floating on the surface of some water pool and it will not be on land? You can actually see one and this is in Australia. Homebush Bay, which is located eastern from Sidney, is the place where you can see the wreck of an old ship with living flora inside it.

The ship which is now a home to some plants was used during the Second World War to transport war supplies and coal and oil. It is definitely something worth seeing in person, although, as you can guess, you will not be able to go on board of it. It is still better to stay safe.

#3 Newnes railroad

The next place in our list is another unknown one by a lot of people, especially ones which have not been to Australia. This is Newnes railroad. What is interesting about it and what make you want to go there are see it with your own eyes is that nature created something very beautiful with the help of men.

This used to be a railroad but in was closed in the 1930s and the lines were removed from the tunnel as well. Now it looks more like a cave than an old tunnel.

And this is not the only reason why this old railroad is worth seeing. The tunnel is a home of thousands of glow worms. They live there and you can see them on the walls of the tunnel glowing as if they are green fireflies. If you are into such kind of experiences, then you should definitely not miss to visit Newnes railroad when you go to Australia.

#4 Haunted Bookshop

There are a lot of people who are into mysteries, witchcraft, magic, and similar supernatural things. That is why they want not only to read about them and watch such movies, but they want to experience such things.

Well, if you are into such kinds of things, then you would definitely want to visit the Haunted Bookshop in Melbourne. What you can experience there is one of the ghost tours the bookshop has to offer. There are some dark and spooky places you will be led into. And, yes, the experience could easily give you the creeps.

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