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Do you find it impossible to master contouring your entire face? Does it take forever to perfectly blend lighter and darker shadows every single time you do your makeup? Well, it’s time to ditch these expensive contour palettes! This tutorial will show you how easy it is to define your face by applying some lines along your face. It is a simple technique that helps you enhance your features just like that! Yes, it’s really that easy.

You will need an eyebrow pencil for this tutorial. Draw stripes along the face line with the brown eyeliner as illustrated in the picture in this tutorial. Next up, smudge the lines very gently with circular motion.

Now, gently stripes on nose to give contoured look. Always try to make the end result look natural. Again, it is very important to blend the lines with a fingertip until there are no harsh edges.

Then, draw one or two lines under your lower lip to define it and make your lips appear bigger. Do not forget to smudge the lines with a fingertip by applying horizontal moves. If you have small lips, make them appear wider by contouring the side of lips and then tap to smudge the lines with fingertip. Once smudged, draw two triangles on the front and the back of your lid but make sure you keep the centre of the lid empty to achieve a perfect result.

Now, you can fill in the lid with gold colour eyeliner – this will make the overall makeup effect pop! Tap it lightly to smudge it naturally. To refine the look of your eyes and highlight them properly, line your upper lash line as well, and smudge it lightly to merge with the other colour. Finally, outline Line your upper lash line and extend the line to create a flawless cat eye look.

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