Layered Nail Art Tutorial

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If you have some free time and you wonder how to fulfill it, stop here and take a look. Not only the time will be fulfilled, but the results will be satisfying too. Take a look at this great tutorial for a layered nail art. You will need three different (but matching) nail polishes and a few tape strips, both thin and thick. Just follow the steps:

  1. File and shape the nails. Always before applying nail polish or some kind of decoration, you have to prepare the canvas for the paints. Unshaped and choppy nails will ruin the nail decoration, no matter how perfect it is. So, choose the shape you want and file until you reach the goal.
  2. The next step is still part of the preparation procedure – the primer. Always apply a primer to the nails when you want to apply dark colored nail polish or when you will apply more than one nail polishes. You can buy a base coat nail polish, which is applied as a primer, but if you have plain transparent nail polish, the work will be done the very same way. It is needed just a thin layer of protection.
  3. Remember to leave every single layer of nail polish or decoration to dry out completely.
    Then comes the turn for the basic color. Here is applied white nail polish. If you are not satisfied with the coverage, apply another layer, but only when the first one is dry.
  4. Now is time for the layering. Stick a tape piece on the moon area of the nail. Paint over it a darker color than the white, for instance, neon green.
  5. Then stick another thick piece of tape over the yellow layer and a thin tape strip under the tip of the nail. Cover them with darker nail polish than the yellow one.
  6. When the last layer of nail polish dries out completely, you can secure this nail art with a thick layer of top coat, which will make it last longer.


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