It Is Time to Build That Summer Body

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Summer is almost here. After Easter has passed, we all dream about the summer days and being in a bikini on the beach. The hottest season of them all is very beautiful, because it brings us different emotions from all the rest of the year. And since that time is almost here it is time to tone your body. Of course that is not easy, but it is worthed, since you know that later on you will have a great feeling while being almost naked. Bikinis could feel great if you know you have put the right amount of exercise into getting to look the way you feel good. Because inside feeling shows on the outside. So stand up and start exercising daily for a good result.

  • Squats

Squats are a girls bikini body best friend. And no wonder they are. Squats shape your booty and legs in a way that no other exercise could. And in order to have motivations, why don’t you just do the 30 day squat challenge? You can find it online in many variations. But the best one we found is to start with 50 squats on day 1 and increase the number by 5 every day. Then you should rest every fourth day. This way your body will have time to rest. At day 30 you should be able to do 250 squats. And your body will be looking smoking hot.

  • Jump Squats

After you are done with the squats it is time for some jump squats. This will improve your core. So instead of stopping at the normal squats, continue with the jump squats. The great thing here is that you are not only working on legs and booty, but core too. And it will change up a little bit the intensity of the workout you are doing.

  • Lunges

Lunges are a great thing and they always give a result. There are the normal front lunges, but people do also side and some other types. Make yourself, do them at home. You can just be instagramming while lunging from the one end of the house to the other. Or doing some chores, but instead of walking, just lunge. This way it will be multiple jobs done at once. No way you won’t love the result.

  • Jump lunges

Just like with the squats. You can start with an easier exercise – lunges. Then go to jump lunges. The greatest way to do it is right after you have finished a set of normal lungs. This way you will burn more calories, also burn fat from almost the whole body and tone the legs and butt.

  • High knees

We all had to do that at Gym class at school. I hated it. And I know almost all of my classmates did too. At the beginning when you start doing it you probably won’t be able to put your knees too high, but with time you will become a master of this exercise. Try to do it for 2 full minutes 5 times per session. With time you can increase the 2 minutes to 3 and more. However, much feels good for you.

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