Indoor Design Can Control Your Mood

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Many people don’t think about the way their indoor atmosphere influence their mood. Some of the stress in your body can be created only by inappropriate arranging of the furnitures or the combinations of the colors. These insignificant in first sight details can give you a headache, anxiety, stomachaches and other problems. Sometimes the change of the interior can bring all these unpleasant statements of your body and mind. When you go on a vacation you feel a little bit blue and distracted and when you return at home, everything is bright and cheerful. I can give you an example from my personal experience: when I was little my parents used to send me to my grandma’s house for the summer vacation. I never made friends there and I always felt really bad, I was playing in the yard on my own or with some dogs and cats (my grandma is an animal lover), but never with other children. And then my parents had come to take me home, I was extremely happy. I had never realized that the reason for that reaction was that I was homesick. I wanted my bathroom, my bed, my walls, my floor – everything that I’m used to see and feel around me.

So, don’t underestimate the power of your interior and how your furnitures and decorations are reacting to your body and mind. Down below you can find a list of things that mind help you feel better only by the subjects and colors around you, take a look:

  • First of all, you should make a list, so take a pen and paper and take a seat. Write down your favorite colors, materials, smells, textures and designs (break them down to modern or vintage). Then go to Pinterest and put in the search box the keywords of your favorite categories. Add the things that you like in the favorite folder. Then start the planning. Some of the things can be DIY crafts, but some of the other things you will need to buy or hire a craftsman to do it for you.
  • Choose the least favorite room in your place and work on it at the beginning. When you are done with the renovating of this room, you will be able to find out which things work out for you and the things that are not so good and functional for your lifestyle and your mood. Then you will be able to make some changes in the next room. Then work on your favorite room. We want that one to work perfectly for you, because you will spend most of your time there.
  • At the end, I will suggest you to hang around the place a lot of pictures of your family, friends and from your favorite vacations and trips. It will be better if you have some pictures of happy moments in the place you leave, this will make the association of happy and secure place where everything is fine and perfect.

Love your house and make it good enough to feel happy in it!

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