How to Wear Your Jeans With Fall Boots The Right Way

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Unfortunately, the winter is really coming, which means that we have to forget about the sandals and the flat shoes. We have to put on some fall shoes, like boots, uggs, etc. But the fact that we will be more dressed than ever, doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be stylish and elegant. Always try to look neat, no matter what you are wearing. If you look neat, you will look better and your clothes will look more expensive, even if they are from the thrift store.

Mistake #1

So, let me show you how to wear your jeans with ankle boots the right way. It is extremely wrong to tuck in the jeans into the boots. You will look like you want to go and catch some fish at the closest lake. In order to fix that, fold the jeans outwards a little bit, just enough to stay above the boots. If the fold is thin, the jeans will wrinkle a little bit, but that’s OK, since the legs of the jeans are not into the boots.

Mistake #2

The other wrong way of wearing skin tight jeans and ankle boots is to put the jeans on top of the boots. This is extremely wrong! Especially if the boots are a little bit loose and wide around your ankles. You will look absolutely ridiculous. Instead, you can fold the jeans again, but this time more than the first time, if you want to prevent the wrinkles. Check out the pictures down below and you will see that that the folded jeans look much better than the tucked and the above versions.

If you found these tips useful, you should come around more often to find some other great tips and hacks about your look. Keep stylish, have fun and I will see you soon with some more great ideas!

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