How to Wear Clothes with Bare Shoulders in the Summer

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Some people are waiting for the summer so that they can go to the beach and get some vitamin D, aka bronze tan, while other people cannot wait for the summer to come so that they can try all of their summer clothes, which probably have been waiting to get out of the closet since last fall when they bought a lot of summer clothes at very reasonable prices. And some of the clothes you should definitely have in your closet, because they look good on everybody, no matter what kind of body shape they have. Ones of these types of clothes are tops and dresses with bare shoulders. There is no way a woman not to like her shoulders, and if there are such women, they should realize that bare shoulders are beautiful and feminine, and should not be hidden under layers of clothing. Here are our suggestions for how to wear clothes with bare shoulders in the summer.

Sports Chick
This outfit is for all women whose style is more sporty than elegant. If you like being comfortable and being chic at the same time this summer then try this outfit. A white blouse with short bouffant sleeves that will cover your arm where your biceps is, and at the same time your shoulders will be bare. And this blouse will be twice as good because white is one of the hottest summer colors. As you know it does not attract the sunlight and you will feel cooler, well at least a little. As for the bottom part of the outfit, try with shorts. You will feel more comfortable in them, but do not think of just an ordinary pants of shorts. There should be some twist to it. Get a pair of shorts that is not tighter around your hips, but a little wider so that you do not feel too warm and be memorable. Add some accessories to the outfit to complete the look, like a couple of bohemian-like bracelets. As for the shoes, what better choice for a sport chic than a pair of sneakers.

Working Chick
Well, summer is the season when a lot of people take a break from work, but some still have to work, so you should also have a chic outfit for the office. And since it is hot outside, you will have an excuse to be wearing something that does not cover you from head to toe. Try with black and white blouse, but this time there will be no sleeves exactly. Better yet, there will be a layer of the same fabric that goes from one of your arms to the other forming something like a skirt around your arms. Match the top with a pair of white pants, which will be perfect for a more business-like environment. They will accentuate your legs, so try to choose a tighter pair of pants around the ankles. Match the outfit with a pair of high heels, preferably in more nude colors, like beige or light brown. Complete the look with a medium size handbag, in a more rectangular shape. Choose it again in lighter colors, like white, beige, ecru, etc.

Romantic chic
You did not think that we will miss to add a more romantic look to the ways you can wear clothes with bare shoulders. For this romantic look we have prepared, of course, a dress. To complete the “romantic” task, choose a dress in white with not only bare shoulders, but also to be looser at the back. The sleeves could be a little longer, but the overall impression that the outfit should leave has to be casualness. Of course, for such a dress you will need a casual and at the same time romantic hairstyle. Make a loose bun at the back of your head. Let a few locks of hair fall on your shoulders and around your face. If you want to have even a more romantic look, then we suggest putting on a flower in your hair. It could even be a real flower, and you can be sure that you will leave a great impression on everybody. As for the shoes, you can wear whatever you like, but the romantic look will best be matched with a pair or flats or sandals.

Street Chic
White, white, white… You are probably already tired of all these light colors and you want something bolder and cooler. Well, here is a more street chic outfit for you. Bare shoulders do not necessarily mean purity and romance, they can reflect a person’s personality and if you are a chic that does not care about romance, then you will like this outfit. A pair of denim shorts and a blouse in dark red or Bordeaux – this will be your street chic outfit, and the only thing left to do is add a few accessories to complete the look. Choose a pair of sneakers, a statement bag, bracelets and a necklace to complete your look. The good news is that you can choose whatever you want to express yourself – a bag in the shape of a book or radio, and a necklace in the shape of a light bulb – the choice is yours.


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