How to Shape Your Brows Perfectly in Just 3 Steps

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Brows are often not considered as something essential for the way a person looks. They take such a small part of one’s face that it is reasonable to think they are not that important. But this is not exactly true. Here is an experiment that will prove eyebrows make our face look the way it is. Look at one of your pictures and put your finger over your brows to hide them. And this way you will see how fast the way you look in this picture changes. There is one more thing that could prove our idea. There are a lot of computer programs, like Photoshop, which you can use to change the shape of your brows without having to wax them. And this way you will see how important your brows are for the way you look. They are the frame of your face and help you when you are putting on makeup.

There are a lot of women who have problems with shaping their brows. Firstly because they cannot find the perfect shape that suits them. Secondly because even if they know what they want to do, they are still not able to do it. The problem here is that they have only seen the end result, meaning that they have seen a woman on the street or on TV, for example, and want to have the same brows, but they just do not know how to do it step by step. There are a lot of online sites that tell women what kind of eyebrows they should have, but think about how many of them are really helpful to you. There is still something missing, which leaves you still unsure how to have this kind of eyebrows. And that is when we show up to save the day with today’s article. It will show you how you can shape your brows perfectly in just three simple steps. And you will no longer miss any of the steps, because we are going to describe them to you one by one, with all the details you can think of.

The Perfect Brows

A lot of women are wondering which are the perfect kind of brows. For every person they will probably be a bit different, because the perfect brow shape is the one that follows a person’s natural brow shape. What you need to remember also is that you should not tweeze too much of your brows so that they are left extremely thin (a mistake which a lot of women make). You still need to have eyebrows, even if you apply hair dye on them to bleach them (an effect a lot of super models seek).

Actually this year’s eyebrow trend is thick eyebrows. So, remember that you should not pluck too much of your eyebrows. The more you leave of your natural brow shape, the better. Here is our suggestion about how to shape your eyebrows in the best And fastest way possible.

The steps

Step 1

Look at your brows carefully. Study them. You can also use a pencil first to shape your brows the way you want them to be, just to be sure that you do not make a mistake and pluck a hair or two that you should not have. You can also go to see a cosmetician for a professional brow shaping, and later yo continue to shape your brows following the template.

What you should remember is to remove only the hairs below and above the main part of the brow. This main part is the one which is the central one and which has most hairs, making it look darker. You can also pluck some hairs in the front part of your brows, but be careful not to pluck too many.

Step 2

Another important step is to remove one row of brows at a time. Do not hurry up to remove a lot of brows. Start with the lowest row, for example. And only when you are sure that this part of the brows is ready, move on to the next one, which will be, for example, the last one, on top. Do not pluck carelessly hairs, one from the lowest and one from the highest part of your brows. This will trick you and will make you lose touch of what you are doing.

Step 3

The last of the steps, and the one that would be the finishing touch to your brows after you have shaped them with tweezers, is to cut them. You have probably heard that there are a lot of women who cut parts of their brows if their hairs are too long. If you pluck such hairs, which are part of your main brow just because they are too long, you will again ruin your brow shape. This means that you have to use another technique, which is cutting your brows. Mostly women, who cut their brows, cut only the front part of them, which does not grow in the direction of your other brow hairs (to the right, or to the left), but grow up in the direction of your forehead. Remember that if they are too long, you should not pluck them, but cut them instead.


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