How to Pick up Guys Online

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When it comes to flirting and picking up, there are some unwritten rules, or at least there are good and bad ways one can behave. So, how to know how to act with the object of your desire if you do not have that much of an experience, or if you do not know whether the other person is going to like what you are saying or not. It is basically not an easy task.

That is also why a lot of people prefer picking up guys and women online. They feel more comfortable hidden in the virtual space. Well, even if we talk about online pick-ups, there are also ways you can impress a person or not.

And since we know that to some women picking up a man seems a difficult task, today we have prepared for you such tips and advices that will help you do it like a pro. Check them out!

#1 Do not be afraid to take the first step

There are women who are so modest and shy that they would not take the first step into picking up a guy. Well, nowadays one should not stay and wait for things to happen because they can miss some really good things in life.

So, if you have met a guy online and you really like him, do not be afraid to take the first step. You can start a random conversation with him but make sure it is one that he will remember. Just make sure that it is best to impress a guy with your brain and not only your looks, otherwise you may not be able to hold his attention for much longer.

#2 Do not be too talkative

There are a lot of men who joke about talkative women and the fact that they find them really annoying. This is somewhat true and it goes for the cyberspace as well. If you and some hot guy are chatting for some time but still have not met and you really want you two to meet, you should not be too pushy and should not send dozens of texts before he answers you.

One of the things that can turn a man off is a pushy girl that does not stop sending him messages. Remember that you should control your urge to write this guy a message every minute you think of him. He could have some work to do and be busy and one’s unstoppable messages can really irritate him.

There is also another reason you should not be that pushy when it comes to picking up men. They prefer when their prey is not that easy to get. This is normal because the harder it will be for them, the more interesting.

#3 Do not reveal too much about yourself

One needs to be careful about the personal information they share with people online. This is not only about precautions, but also because one should not reveal too much about themselves during the first stage of their acquaintance. You never know what may scare a man away. They have their strange points of view sometimes.

This way if you tall this guy something personal, they may get scared, they may take advantage of it, or may consider you strange. That is why some too personal details should be kept a secret at first, during your online flirt. If things become serious and you know that you can trust this person, then you can move on to the personal details.

#4 Ask him about his interests

If you have really liked some guy online, then you can chat with him and ask him a lot of questions to find more about his personality. You definitely need to ask him for his work and his personal interests. If it involves sports and he has some favorite team, then you may search this team online and find information about it. This way you can impress the guy with some knowledge on the topic.

This is the good thing about online communication – you do not need to answer straight away and you can prepare yourself in order to become even more impressive to him. These are some tricks a girl can try to become more memorable and interesting to a guy. That is why you need to use them thoughtfully.

#5 Even the first line can make an impression

If you want to impress a guy, you can do it with a couple of lines and it is important that these are the first lines you write to him. When you start a conversation, you should not be too short, not too elaborate.

There are a couple of ways to start a conversation. You can make this guy a complement, or you could ask him about some information he has shared in his profile. It could be a question about his picture, the place it has been taken, or something like that.

If this guy has a tattoo, you may ask him about it and you may add that you like tattoos a lot and you want to know more about its symbolism. This way you will complement the guy, you will let him know that you share a passion of his, and you will also easily find a topic to start your conversation with.

This is just an example, but you use it to know what to look for when you start a conversation online.

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