How to Make Smoldering Smoky Eyes

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Whether you’ve got a big concert or a fancy gala to attend, creating a smoky eye can add a bit of sophisticated drama to your ordinary look. We all know this little secret – If you need to add a little oomph to your makeup routine, smoky eyes are always in style.

Step 1: Before applying any makeup on, creating a flawless base that brightens and enhances your final overall look is an essential first step that shouldn’t be missed. Prepare the whole eyelid and under the eye with either a concealer or eyeshadow primer. Using makeup primer softens the skin, seals the pores, and prepares the skin for the makeup application.

Step 2: Now, apply a black pencil liner all around your eye, close to your lash line, and in your waterline. Try not to blink as this may cause the liner to smudge. Depending on how deep and intense you want the line to be, continue tracing your lash line back and forth until you achieve the desired look.

Step 3: Apply a thick line on your upper lash line, making the liner thicker on the outer parts of your lid. Do not focus on this part being perfect.

Step 4: Using a dome eyeshadow brush, smudge the liner all around the eye until it appears smooth.

Step 5: To create the smoldering effect, apply a matte bronze shadow on top, blending the colour as you go.

Step 6: Take that same brown eyeshadow and apply it under the lower lash line, blending into the black liner.

Step 7: To wrap up the look, apply a coat or two of mascara. Don’t forget to curl them first!! Lastly, look yourself in the mirror and clean up any imperfections with a cotton swab or with a Q-tip.  As you can see, perfect looks do not necessary require a lot of time!

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