How to Make Him Want to Have a Relationship with You

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Nowadays the relationship between a man and a woman are often only sexual. There seem to be fewer and fewer monogamous people. When you hear that there is a man who does not cheat on his wife, for example, you start to wonder whether he is the only one left on the planet and if his remains will be kept in some museum in the future.

Of course, cheating does not refer only to men, but to women as well. Both genders are responsible for the kind of relationship they have with their partners. But still these days it seems to be very difficult to actually start a relationship with someone.

People stick to having sex and once their sexual desires are satisfied, they move on with their life forgetting about the person they last were with. This is often one of the reasons why more and more women want to find an answer to the question “how to have a relationship with him and not only sex?”

Today we have prepared for you a short guide which will help you in this task. We have tried to find the answer to this question and to pass the knowledge to you. Here is what our conclusion is!

#1 Do not chase him

First of all if you want to have a relationship with a guy and not solely sexual contact, then you need to start chasing him. Guys do not like women who are “an easy prey”. They prefer to be the predators and to take the initiative. Of course, you may manipulate him to do so, but make sure you do not come across as too pushy because this will easily turn him off.

Even if you want to text him, or to call him, resist the temptation to do so and wait for him to contact you. You need to know that this will probably take some time, so make sure you have some patience. This is one of the first steps you need to do and then you can more on to the next ones.

#2 Make him slightly jealous

The next thing you could try out if you want the guy you like have a relationship with you is to make him slightly jealous. When you are together you can arrange for some guy friend of yours to call you and pretend that he is asking you out on a date. Or you can even arrange to meet this person outside when you are together with the guy you want to have a relationship with. You can flirt a little bit even to make him jealous.

When a guy finds out that you can substitute him easily for another one, he will realize that there is a chance he loses you if he does not take actions soon. This little tip works like a charm if you play it well so have it in mind.

#3 Make him think of you

The next thing which can help make a man want to have something serious with you is by making him think more of you. There are a couple of ways you can do this.One of them is to secretly spray your perfume on his clothes, on his pillow, or somewhere you find suitable. That is why you need to wear one type of perfume when you go out with him to make him associate this scent with you.

Another little trick, which is actually a common one, is to accidentally forget something yours at their place. It could be something small, like a scarf, or some sunglasses, but still big enough to be visible. That is how every time he looks at this thing, he will remember you. And besides, there will be a reason to see each other again soon after that.

#4 Ask the universe for help

You have probably heard some theories about destiny and how people are responsible for their own lives. If one wants something, they should have a thought in their mind that they already have this thing. They can visualize it as well. So why do not you do the same in this case?

You can visualize having a relationship with the guy you want to be with. Make sure you include in your thoughts the way you want your relationship to be and keep visualizing every time you have the chance. The more consistent you are, the better and faster will be the results.

Just imagine that you and this person are already a couple and do not stop visualizing it till it comes true. If you really want it and if this is what is meant for you, then do not worry. It will happen.

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