How to Know if He Really Loves You?

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Nowadays it is very hard to tell if your partner really loves you or not. Sure, he could be nice to you and he could actually tell you that he loves you, but how to be sure that he is not exaggerating, or that he is not fooling you. Sometimes it is very hard to tell if this is the truth or not, because there are a lot of people who are very secretive about it and one cannot read them.

So, today we have decided to look for the signs that show a person really loves you and they is not with you because of some other reason. Here are 10 cute examples showing that your partner really loves you.

#1 When you are sick he looks after you

It does not matter whether we talk about some minor cold or if you have the flu, if your partner looks after you, gives you medicine, cooks some chicken soup for you and even spoils you a little when he agrees to watch your favorite movies together, then you can be sure he is not just being nice, but he actually loves you.

#2 When you come home late and he has already cooked dinner

Some of the sweetest gestures that a man could do to a woman are not the ones which involve traditional and cheesy signs of love, like giving a woman flowers, or paying the bill at a restaurant, but others which are a sign of appreciating the woman by his side.

Traditionally, women are considered the ones that have to stay at home, look after the kids, and cook their husbands dinner. Believe it or not, there are still a lot of men who believe in this old-fashion and sexist trend.

So, if a man surprise you with a dinner already cooked when you come home after work late (something that women are “supposed to do”), then you can be sure that this adorable gesture is not because of good will, but some stronger feelings.

#3 When you have fallen asleep on his hand but he does not wake you up until he stops feeling it

We all know how uncomfortable it feels when you feel some part of your body stiff. This often happens when fall asleep in some uncomfortable position, just like a man feels his arm stiff when a woman has fallen asleep on his hand. It has happened to a lot of couples.

And if you fall asleep on your partner’s arm, but he does not wake you up so that you could move, you can be sure that he does this not because he is very comfortable in this position, but because he does not want to disturb your sleep. How cute is that?!

#4 When you are away and he sends you a message before going to sleep

One of the cutest gestures and one that shows your partner really thinks of you is when he sends you a message unexpectedly. For example, in the early stage of a relationship the couple is not absolutely ready to show their feelings straightforwardly. And that is why if you want to be sure whether your partner has deep feelings for you, you need to pay attention to the details. One of these details is a massage for wishing your partner good night before going to sleep. It is very cute and you can be sure this person really has feelings for you.

#5 When he looks for your favorite chocolate in different stores until he finds it

Another sign which shows how a man really feels about his partner is the effort he puts in buying the things she likes. For example, if he knows that you really like a certain brand of chocolate, he could go to several different kinds of shops just to get it for you, because he knows that this would make you happy. This is another minor, but so sweet gesture that will show you your partner’s feelings for you.

#6 When he plays with your baby niece/nephew

There are two things that can really melt a woman’s heart – babies and seeing a man play with babies. This picture is so sweet that even women who claim that do not want to have children will melt.

One of the things that can really make you feel absolutely in love with your partner when you see him playing with your baby nephews. This is not only because you see a man playing with children, but because this is your man who plays with the kids you love most in this world.

This is like a subconscious sign that in the future he may want to have a kids of your own, or that he simply loves the people you love the most. And you should know he loves you in either situation.

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