How to Flirt Well with a Guy

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Nowadays it seems that women are often the ones who take the first step when it comes to relationships. They have become much more confident and independent. They know how to achieve the things they want and this often involves men. Taking the first step, however, is not always the easiest thing.

Sometimes a woman needs some help to improve their flirting abilities and to become better at attracting the attention of a person they want. We have prepared for you some flirting tips which will help you flirt well with guys. Here they are!

#1 Maintain eye contact

The first thing that you could try if you want to become better at flirting is to work on maintaining eye contact. Eye contact is very important in such situations. If you do it right, you could do the whole flirting only with eyes. What you need to do is to keep watching the person you like in the eyes.

Do not stare at them, though. You can smile as well. The important thing is not to look away once the two of you look each other in the eyes. Try to keep eye contact as long as possible. At one point you could glance down, at their lips and watch them for some more time as well. This will help your flirting.

#2 Draw attention to your lips

The next thing that you could do if you want to have better flirting skills is to focus on your lips. Actually, you need to draw attention to your lips while you are talking to your crush, or while they are somewhere near you.

You could lick your lips, or you could take the opportunity and apply some lip gloss on them while your crush is next to you. This way they would not help but notice your lips. You could perch your lips a little and this is how you could draw some more attention to them.

#3 Touch them “accidentally”

The next flirting move in our list is one that hardly fails and it is simply a touch. There are a lot of ways you could touch a guy, but in order to notice that you are flirting, it needs to be gentle and on the right places. First of all, you are better touching them on some bare part of their body, like the hand. This way the touch will be even more personable and it will not feel strange or weird.

Another kind of touch that we can include in the list is the accidental touch when passing by each other. If you are at a club, you could touch their waist because you need to go past them. This kind of touch is not on a bare spot of the body but it is as personable as the first one since one’s waist is a kind of intimate spot, so this flirting move will be right on the spot.

#4 Smile, smile, smile

The next move you could do when you want to flirt well with guys is not as sexual as the first ones, but it surely is one which can open every door not only when it comes to flirting. Whenever you see this person, you need to smile. Show them that you are predisposed and that you like their company. Put on a big smile on your face and look them in the eyes.

If the guy you want to flirt with notices that you are gloomy or grumpy all the time because you are too serious and rarely smile, they may get the wrong impression that they are not liked a lot by yourself. This could put them off a little and the flirting will not go well. But if you want to make a good impression on a person, you should not stop smiling when you see them.

#5 Get close to him

The next thing which could also be considered as a big part of flirting is the distance between you and the person you flirt with. What you need to do is to come closer to the person you want to flirt with. You could pretend that you do not hear well, if you are at a club, or you could lean a little bit towards them.

Make sure the distance between you and your crush is short this will help your flirting technique. The closer you are, the more chance there is to attract this person’s attention.

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