How to Fix some of the Most Common Makeup Application Mistakes

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Nowadays makeup has turned into one of the most essential parts of a girl’s daily routine.It is one of the most essential things that a woman does before she leaves home. Some women even feel like they are naked if they do not have makeup on.

That is why there are a lot of makeup products, and, of course, a lot of makeup techniques which women use to help them more attractive and draw attention to themselves.

However, there are also some mistakes women make when they apply makeup which can ruin your makeup, or make it harder for you to have flawless makeup.

Today we are going to show you the most common makeup application mistakes and tell you how to fix them. Check it out!

#1 Applying foundation and then eyeshadows

Most women are used to applying foundation first and then to apply makeup on their eyes. This is a mistake because when one applies eyeshadows, it is almost inevitable not to spread some of it on their freshly foundation-ed cheeks.

It is better not to make the mistake rather than fix it. That is why it is better to apply eye makeup first, especially eyeshadows, and then foundation. You will see that this way it would be easier for you.

#2 Fix smudged eyeliner

The next of the makeup application mistakes a lot of women still make is to forget to “seal” the makeup on your eyelids. You have probably noticed that even if you apply the best kind of eyeliner, or eyeshadows, there comes a point throughout the day that eye makeup begins to smudges. And this way your perfectly-applied makeup can be ruined.

That is why you always need to remember to seal the colors. First you need to apply some base on your eyelids and then some foundation, or concealer. The base will help the skin not get oily, thus the colors would not get smudged. The foundation, or the concealer will even the tan of the skin and will also help not get oily.

Another thing you need to do when you apply your eyeliner or mascara, is to apply some powder on top of them. This way they will stay in place and will not get smudged. And that is it!

#3 Too thick eyeliner

I am personally in love with bold eyeliners, but sometimes it is better not to wear it all the time. In fact, if you are not wearing an evening kind of makeup, it is better to wear your eyeliner thin. This way your eyes will actually look bigger.

This is a visual effect which has its explanation. If your eyeliner is thin and you have applied it on your lash line, it will make your lashes look thicker and it will make your look deeper.

But if you applied a thick eyeliner, the black background will make your eyes look smaller. This is also why you need to avoid applying thick eyeliner, especially as a daytime makeup.

#4 Applying only one layer of mascara

The next type of mistake women do when applying makeup is to apply only one coat of mascara, and not only this but to do it only in one motion – from the roots of the lashes to the tips. You will be able to apply mascara much better if you move the mascara wand a bit to the sides when you apply mascara from the roots to the tips of the lashes.

Then wait for a couple of minutes to let the mascara dry a little and apply another coat of it the same way you did the first time. This way your lashes hairs will not stick together.


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