How to Find out if He is Really into You

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Nowadays it seems that relationships may not last as long as one thought at first. People split up then get back together, then find other people they want to be with. It is quite hard to find the perfect partner for oneself. You meet a person you want to be with and then they tell you that they feel nothing for you, or that they do not want to have a relationship.

How to escape this vicious circle and not let yourself be harmed by such people who do not want to be with you? Today we decided to look for the answer of this question and look what conclusions we came up to. Let’s hope they will be useful and will help you in your relationships-to-come.

#1 He does not try to change you

This is one of the first things that should show you this person really likes you for the person you are. There are so guys who could start talking about the things they want you to change about yourself even at the beginning of your relationship. Have you heard such comments: “Why do not you start doing some sports?”, “Are you really going to eat that?”, “Why do not you stop wearing these clothes?”

There are a lot of similar questions women have been asked and they are surely no sign of their partner being into them. It is best to remember that if a person wants you to change, they do not simply like you for who you are. So, is this guy really worth devoting your time to?

#2 He misses you

The sweetest thing you can notice about a guy is that he misses you when you are not with him. And this could show even when you have not seen each other for a few days, or when you have to travel to somewhere. You can notice that he really misses you when he starts calling you more, or when you see each other again after that. His enthusiasm will show by the way he kisses you and hugs you when he sees you again after this long period. So, now you will know.

#3 You receive complements from him out of the blue

When a person is in love they are very likely to see the person they are in love with as the most beautiful person in the world. So, if you receive any complements which are out of the blue, you can be sure that this person is into you. For example, you may not feel pretty, or you may be wearing some causal clothes and then your boyfriend may tell you that you are beautiful. This is a sign that love is in the air for sure.

#4 You like spending time together even when you do not talk

If you want another sign that a person is in love with you, or that you love them back, then you can try with this one. When people like spending time together without talking and feeling uncomfortable about it, then they simply like each other’s present and company.

And, of course, this does not mean to spend all your time together in a complete silence because this could be a little worrying. It simply means to be cuddling, holding hands, or sitting next to each other and feeling perfectly comfortable about it.

#5 Even after a while, he still gives you unexpected presents

The other sign that a guy is really into you is the way he treats you when it comes to presents. Women like surprises and they like when they receive a present without reason. It is not their birthday, or Valentine’s Day, but they receive flowers, or chocolates. If your guy still continue doing this after being for a while together, then do not worry, this is another of the signs that he wants to be with you for good.

#6 He brags about you

When a guy starts talking about his girlfriend and often brags about her, people notice that this person is head over heels with her. And if this happens to you, then you are lucky because this person really cares for you. This, of course, does not include only bragging, but also funny stories, or simply some information about his girl’s preferences and the things she does. So, if his family and friends know a lot of things about you, much more than you expect, then yes, he is really into you.

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