How to Find out If He is a Womanizer

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Nowadays it seems that monogamy is a bit neglected from a lot of people. Surely, there are people who do not cheat on their partners but we also cannot neglect the fact that a lot of people either cheat, or that they have decided to have open relationships.

Well, if you are not sure whether your potential partner is one who is a loyal one and will not cheat on you, or one who is a womanizer, then you can look for these signs we have prepared for you. It is a list of signs which you should keep your eye open on if you want to find out whether he is a womanizer or not. Check them out!

#1 You do not know any of his relatives or friends

If you have started dating a person who has not introduced you to his close friends or some of his family, then you should definitely consider the fact that he is not that serious in his intentions towards you. Maybe he is cheating on his own partner with you, or does not consider you as a potential long-term partner and that is why he keeps you a secret from his close people.

Whatever the reason is it is surely very disturbing and not in your own favor. That is why you can confront him about it and ask for explanation. If the explanation is not good enough, then maybe you should not waste your time with him anymore.

#2 He is constantly busy

This is one of the most annoying things a woman can experience in a relationship – her partner being busy all the time. And often there is no real explanation why he is so busy. Surely, people work a lot, we get it, but to work so much that they do not have time to text you or to see you this week… I should say that this is simply a warning sign that something is wrong.

Maybe he has another girlfriend that he spends most of his time with, or maybe he is not that interested in you and is just keeping you as a second option. Whatever the reason is it is a good enough one to break up with this guy and release yourself from these annoying relationship.

#3 He is hiding his phone from you

People do not like other people to get into their personal space without inviting them there. There are even some partners who do not like sharing absolutely everything with their partner and still keep some part of their life to themselves. That is why it is not so strange if your partner wants to keep some of his personal space to himself.

However, at times this could become suspicious. If your partner keeps his phone to himself all the time and would not let you touch it, then you should realize there is something wrong. Some men even go to the toilet with their phones. If you are a witness from such kind of behavior, then you should be ready to face the truth – maybe he is a cheat.

#4 You were “the other woman” at the beginning of your relationship

There are a lot of cases when a guy starts dating another woman while he is in a relationship and then dumps his girlfriend for his affair. However, this could also mean another thing – that he is likely to repeat the same situation once again.

If you were “the other woman” when you started dating, then why would you think another such woman will not appear and take your partner from you? Maybe he is simply a womanizer and easily gives up his relationships and girlfriends.

#5 His friends are womanizers

Whatever people say, it is a fact that you can tall a lot about a person from their friends. One’s friends influence them a lot. If a person has criminal type of friends, then maybe they is not that “clean” themselves, of if a guy has a lot of friends who cheat on their partners, well guess what – maybe he is also very much willing to cheat on his own partners.

That is why you should definitely keep your eye on your boyfriend’s friends and whether they are loyal to their partners or are womanizers. It is best to be prepared for what might happen to you too.

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