How to Feel Confident When Rocking Trendy Shorts

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Shorts are one of the most versatile, fashionable and stylish wardrobe staples for warm weather. You may live somewhere like Florida where they are an all-year round must-wear or you are just taking them out from the back of the closet now, as summer has approached. They come in tons of different lengths, patterns and fabrics. Torn denim is great for a casual look and looks perfect with a white top and Converse sneakers. Black PU leather shorts are a fantastic choice for a night out. Patterned shorts from light materials in the bohemian spirit are incredibly trendy in 2015 and can make you look fresh and young in a second.

However, as with shorts skirts and dresses, shorts can provoke some anxious feelings in the people who wear them, especially if they do not possess a model-like figure. Long, lean legs and a tight bottom can be the result of a healthy, but strict diet, and lots of exercises. We are great supporters of this type of lifestyle not only because it leads to a nice body appearance, but also due to its health benefits. Still, until you are fully satisfied with your legs, you might be nervous about revealing them and wearing shorts. But you should not fear them! Let us give you some tips and tricks on how to be more confident when going for an outfit that contains shorts:

  • First of all, you need to get used to the idea of wearing shorts. Start by wearing them around the house. Look at yourself in the mirror and enjoy the comfort they bring you!
  • Second of all, you need to make your legs as pretty as possible. Of course, you should be doing all of this for yourself, not for others! Remember to pick a good, appropriate for your skin type, method of hair removal. Moisturize your legs every day, after your daily shower. Exfoliate at least once a weak – there are tons of great products sold in stores, as well as DIY ideas online! Soft, silky legs will make you happier and more comfortable when wearing shorts.
  • In order to be satisfied with the appearance of your legs, we advise you to do some workouts. Squats, lunges, side leg raises, calf raises, etc. are all great exercises for tighter legs. At least a hundred exercises a day and you will notice the difference soon enough! Besides, all these workout routines will make you feel refreshed and boost your energy levels.
  • Next, you should consider what type of shorts best suit not only your taste, but also your figure. Go out with a friend or relative and browse what different brands have to offer. Try on all kinds of styles and colors of shorts, so that you can distinguish which ones suit you best. After all, everything from your hip size to your hair color can make a difference when picking out clothing!
  • If you are really having a hard time to leave long pants behind, start by opting out for some middle-length options. Get yourself a pair of Capri pants, culottes (extremely fashionable right now!) and Bermuda shorts. The transition will be gentle and you will get used to shorter lengths in time. This way you will get to a point when shorts seem like a great match for your style!
  • Once you have decided on what kind of shorts you will be wearing, you still need to build a great outfit. Do your research and find inspiring pictures online: just type in “casual outfit with shorts” and look at the rich pool of ideas! Also, remember to stay true to your figure and highlight the body parts that you love the most. Whether it is your shoulders or your bottom, you can always choose a piece that will emphasize your body in the best way and will boost your confidence.

Good luck when rocking extremely comfortable, but chic shorts !

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