How to Dress Both Stylishly and Warmly in the Winter

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There are a lot of women who think that winter is not the best season to experiment with their style and to look pretty just because it is too cold for that. That is why they put off fashion till later in the year when the weather is warmer.

However, dressing both warm and pretty should not be an obstacle. A woman should wear pretty clothes in every season of the year and not only in the summer. And today we are going to show you how to do this in the winter when the cold weather often puts off out fashion sense. Check it out!

#1 Try layering

Layering is one of the best fashion techniques one can use in the winter. This is, of course, because the more clothes you have on, the warmer you will feel, and because it looks great when the right clothes are chosen. You definitely need to try it if you want to warm yourself up this season. Here is a simple example how you could try layering.

You can wear a white shirt and on top of it – a warm sweater or jersey. And then you could put on top of it a blazer. This way the collarand probably the tips of the shirt will be seen as well as the front of the jersey/sweater. This is a perfect example of layering which can keep you warm in the cold winter days.

#2 Invest in coats and thick jackets

There are a lot of women who say that winter clothes cost more and that is why they do not want to experiment too much with them. This way they wait for the spring and the summer to loosen up a little and look and feel pretty once again. Well, it is true that there are a lot of expensive winter clothing, like boots and coats.

However, if you invest in a few winter coats and thick jackets, you will have different looks regularly. To add some more variations to your outfits you can match your outerwear with different scarf which will surely be less expensive and quite fashionable. You could also try making your looks more versatile by adding different belts to the coats. Accessories could do wonders if they are applied properly, not to mention that they will save you some money.

#3 Try with faux fur

Faux fur is surely not as expensive as real fur and can do the same job as it. It will still look fashionable and will keep you warm. That is why you could embrace this trend in the winter. There are a lot of different fashion pieces made of faux fur, including hats, coats, jackets, gloves, even handbags.

It is one of the trends that matches the season perfectly and it is likely to remain in fashion for some time in the future. That is why if you invest in faux fur fashion items you will not make a mistakes.

#4 Boots, boots, boots

The next fashion trick you could try in the winter is to invest in good boots. Make sure they are not made of cheap material because this way they will not keep you warm. In the winter it is very important to wear good shoes because when there is snow, one’s feet are likely to get wet easily and this way a person could easily catch a cold.

That is why one should definitely invest in good boots to protect their feet in the coldest of the winter days. There is not much need to buy a lot of different types of boots for the winter if one cannot afford to. A pair of boots in the classical black color can be matched with a lot of outfits. This way you can stick to a couple of pair of boots or shoes in the winter and invest in other stylish clothes.

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