How to Dress Between the Seasons

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When we talk about fashion trends, we mostly think of the specific season they are designed for. Clothes either for winter, summer, spring or fall. But what should we wear between seasons? It is true that astronomically there is no gap between the seasons, but in fact, the weather conditions do not completely agree on this. In the beginning of the fall you can notice people wearing winter jackets, while other people are wearing t-shirts.

So, we could not help but ask ourselves what we should wear when it is not clear whether it is cold enough to wear a coat, or warm enough to wear a t-shirt. And here is what we found!


When you are not sure what the forecast for the day is, or whether it is going to be cool or relatively warm, wear shirts! There should not be a woman who does not have at least a couple of shirts in her wardrobe. They are not only extremely fashionable, but also quite comfortable. You can wear them every season for a lot of occasions. You can wear a strict white shirt to work, or a check shirt for a more informal occasions.

As for the seasons, you can wear them every season. If you are not sure whether you should dress warmly, or not that much, just put on a shirt. If you get too warm, you can roll up the sleeves. And if you get cold, do it the other way round.

There is also one advantage that shirts has if they are made of cotton. They will absorb any sweat and you will not have to feel embraced if this happens. You can also match the shirt with a scarf that will keep you warm, or that you can get off if you are too cold. So, basically, do not miss to have shirts between the seasons.


Another kind of clothing you can wear almost every season. Well, you may like to skip summer, because you will be too hot in a pair of jeans, but a pair of short jeans will do the job. You may not know, or at least not think about it, but jeans are made of cotton. Natural materials are the best ones you can wear both summer and winter. Cotton will absorb any sweat, and it will keep you warm in the winter. You can even wear it with some pantyhose under the jeans when it is too cold in the winter. And jeans will remain one of the pieces of clothing that will be eternal, not to mention comfortable and suitable for a lot of occasions.


So, we have decided what clothes to wear between the seasons, but sometimes shoes turn out to be the biggest problem. So, if the weather is not cold enough to wear a pair of boots, but there is a chance to rain that day, what would you wear?

Probably a pair of shoes, but be careful what type you will choose. If you choose a pair of high heels, you can be sure that if it rains that day, you will feel a bit uncomfortable jumping in the puddles. Or if you choose a pair of open toe shoes, your feet will definitely be wet even if you spend a couple of minutes walking on the streets. The worst part is that cold and wet feet could easily lead to catching a cold. Definitely not what you want.

So, what we recommend is that you wear sneakers. There are a lot of pairs of sneakers, which could be worn with a pair of jeans and a shirt, and you can look absolutely fashionable and office-like. Just make sure the sneakers are not too sporty. Black, brown or white ones will do a great job.

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