How To Do a Classic Eyeliner Flick

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It’s the look of the season that we all want to be able to copy – the classic eyeliner flick! They are all over the catwalks every single day and we want to master them too. But perfecting this on-trend look is not as easy as it may sound. Even though is ”classic” it is still super hard to make it right. If you are in such situation, then this tutorial will be very valuable to you and your daily makeup routine!

Before you begin, apply makeup primer with infallible mattifying base to lock the shine in and enhance the final makeup result. Apply just a small amount on your skin, working outwards for a flawless looking texture. Then, apply your favourite concealer to your eye area to create a flawless base.

Step 1: Start from the inner corner of your lid, carefully following your upper lash line. Invest in eyeliner with a foam-tip applicator that is specifically designed to resemble a makeup brush handle for the quickest, easiest, and most accurate application.

Step 2: Continue all the rest till you reach the outer corner of your lid.

Step 3: Now, it’s time to create the classic eyeliner flick. Following the end of your brow as guidance, trace its edge to make the flick.

Step 4: Next up, connect the end of the flick with your upper lash line. It depends entirely on you on how you want to make it as long as it looks natural.

Step 5: Fill in the triangle really nice so there are no gaps in between and try holding the liquid eyeliner flat along the lash line instead of on its sharpened point.

Step 6: Now, if you want to trace a little bit of your lower lash line then go for it! If not, leave the eyeliner look as it is!

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