How to Decode His Emoji Messages

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Nowadays it seems that people are glued to their phones. They are constantly chatting with people online, or read information online, or buy things online. More than half of a person’s life happens online these days. It is no wonder that online flirting and dating have turned into something big.

When you text a person you cannot express the same kind of emotions when you speak face to face, for example. That is why there are emojis which people add in their texts to add an emotion to the text. They often do it in order not to be misunderstood.

Today we decided to go deeply into the emoji texting and to share with you the hidden meanings of the emojis guys could send to you. There could be something more that he wants to tell you with these emotional texts.

#1 Winky face

One of the most common emojis is the winky face. I personally hate when people send me this emoji, no matter whether they are guys I am flirting with, or not. Usually, people send this emoji when they want to outsmart the person they are sending the message to, or to make a joke.

They want to look smart and to tease the person they are sending it to a little big. This could also be a sing that you could do the same. Be wit and tease this person a little bit. It could turn out to be a great flirt in the end.

#2 Tongue sticking out

The next emoji that is probably one of the most common ones in texts is the Tongue emoji. If a guy you are chatting with sends you such kind of emoticon, then there could be two reasons for this. The first one is that the guy wants to attract your attention. Probably it has been too long since you last wrote to him and he has been thinking whether to write you first again or not. He wants to remind you of his presence.

The next reason why he might send you this emoji is to show that he has been joking about something and does not want you to take offense about the things he has said. Or he might want to invite you somewhere out on a date but he might not want it to sound too serious, or he wants to make sure that if you reject the offer he could still be able to say that he has been joking about it.

There are basically a few reasons the guy may send you such emoji and you could be sure that all of them imply something good and the fact that this guy likes you in a way.

#3 Smiley face

The next emoji which is very typical for texting is the simple smiley face. It could mean a couple of thing just like the other emojis. The first one of them is that this guy could like you and he does not want to be pushy. He could be a real gentleman and would not want to send you sexual texts. He may want to show you that he takes you seriously and not as a toy.

The other reason a guy might send you such kind of emoji is when he is not much into you. If he simply answers your texts with such kind of simple emoji without further explanations and texts, then this could be a sing of disinterest towards you. Unfortunately, such things happen in life and you need to have it in mind.

#4 Eggplant

The next emoji in the list has a specific sexual connotation. I wonder if the person designing it really thought that it will gain such kind of meaning among people. It basically represents a certain part of the male body. If a guy sends you this emoji, then he definitely would want to have sex with you.

However, you need still to be careful whether the only thing he wants from you is a couple of bed dates. It could be a sign that he thinks it is time to take your relationship to the next stage – the sexual one.

#5 Bonus emoji: Peach

The last emoji in our list is a bonus one because it is one that you may send the guy if you want him to start thinking of you in a more sexual way. Just try not to be too obvious when you do it. Peach emoji is usually linked to big female booties.

That is why if you send him this emoji, you will make him think of your booty. Try to send it when you are not on the subject. You may text him, for example, that you are eating a peach, or something similar to it.

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