How to Curl Your Hair with Toilet Paper

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Curling your hair with toilet paper may sound crazy but it really works! You can create lazy heatless curls with this innovative technique.

Step 1: Your hair needs to be a bit moist for this trick to work. Gather all hair pieces into a high ponytail. Try to use a cheap elastic band you won’t mind using afterwards.

Step 2: Now separate a small section from the ponytail. If your hair is thick, you may use 1 inch sections so the toilet paper stays in place more effectively. Take a toilet paper, place it on your strand and slowly roll your hair over.

Step 3: If you want full curls from the top to bottom of your hair, you would roll the toilet paper all the way up to your scalp.

Step 4: Continue with another strand of hair, place a toilet paper and start wrapping it towards the base of the ponytail.

Step 5: Take another toilet paper and follow the same technique.

Step 6: The smaller sections you take, the smaller curls you will make.

Step 7: If you only want curls at the bottom area of your hair, you may stop wrapping your hair midway up your hair.

Step 8: When you’ve done rolling your entire ponytail, leave the toilet paper in your hair for at least 6 hours. If you are in a rush, you can also use a blow dryer to set the curls.

Step 9: Six hours later, remove the rollers and cut the elastic band to release your beautiful curls. Try not to touch your curls too much as this can create frizz. As you can see from the final result, effortless curls have never looked so gorgeous! And all that, thanks to this crazy toilet paper trick!

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