How to Create a Stacked Ponytail

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We all know how to make a classic ponytail  – it has been the first hairstyle we’ve ever mastered, our survivor during the hot summer days at the beach and our companion for the lazy Sunday afternoons spent on the couch. Yet, we still find it quite difficult to create the perfect stacked ponytail look. If you want to know how to add this ‘wow’ factor to your hairstyle, then scroll down and see for yourself!

Step 1: Loosely curl your hair. Heat up your large-barrel curling iron. Remember that waves will not form if you try to curl your hair with the iron before it reaches the correct temperature. Then, take your curling iron and wrap a relatively small section of your hair around the curling iron. Wait for a couple of minutes before releasing the curl. If you want your hair to look longer, do not curl your bottom layers from the root to the end. Instead, place the iron in the middle and curl the last four inches. This way the uncurled section of your hair will be hidden by the top curls! When you are done, flip your head and run fingers through your hair to gently break up some curls.

Step 2: Part your hair into two sections by splitting it from the ears up. Use a rubber band to secure the top half section.

Step 3: Take a rubber band and secure the bottom part of your hair into a relatively high ponytail at the back of your head.

Step 4: To add extra volume to your ponytail, backcomb some hair pieces. To do that properly, hold a section of your hair straight upward, place a comb in the roots and apply firm brush strokes downward to the scalp. Repeat the procedure with the next small sections of hair until you are satisfied with the final result. Apply hairspray all over your stacked ponytail and you are ready to go out and show your fabulous look to the world!


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