How to Choose the Right Wedding Dress for You

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Many girls have started dreaming about their wedding ever since they saw their Disney movie. Every fairytale ends with a wedding and the prince and the princess who lived happily ever after. Girls often tend to imagine that they are in the shoes of the princess, and that their prince will find them one day. This visualization is even stronger when they are watching a movies, and some of the first romantic movies in a girl’s life are the Disney ones. Today we have prepared for you a guide how to choose your wedding dress. And all the Disney princesses are here to be our models, just do not mind the fact that they all have perfect body figures. Here is what your wedding dress should be according to your body figure.

Hourglass Body Shape
If you have an hourglass body shape, then you are quite lucky, because this is the ultimate body shape that most women want –a well-defined waist, and breasts and booty with more or less the same size, just like a hourglass. If you are searching for a dress, there are three types that will suit your figure best.

The first one is the mermaid wedding dress. It will accentuate all your natural curves and will make you feel sexy and attractive on your special day. It is also one of the traditional wedding dresses. It combines everything and it will be perfect for you.

If you are not a fan of the mermaid dresses, then you can choose this other one which again is quite traditional – the ball gown. This type of dress will make you feel like a princess for sure, and will hide your curves a little, if you are worried not to be accentuated.

The last option that is perfect for you is the sheath gown. These dresses and clean and simple, perfect for a modest type of wedding, and besides they are quite comfortable, so you can dance all night.

Triangle Body Shape

If you have a triangle body shape, which is also known as a pear type of body – larger hip and booty area, and smaller shoulder and breast area, then these three options are for you. You can choose a ball gown, which will hide the lower part of your body perfectly, and nobody will notice what kind of lower body parts you hide under the ball gown. You can also go for a short type of dress that is looser around the hips. It is simple, and very comfortable, perfect for the hot summer day weddings. Your third option is to try an A-line dress that is with a floor-length. This kind of silhouette will both hide and exaggerate your best bodily parts without being too obvious, and again it is very comfortable type of dress.

Inverted Triangle Body Shape
If the triangle body shape is defined by a bigger hip area, than the inverted triangle is just the opposite – smaller hip and booty area, with a larger breast and shoulder one. Here are the options for your body type that will make you feel attractive and comfortable on your special day.

You can try with the traditional ball gown, which will give more volume to your lower part of the body, making it equal with the upper part of it. You can also try the mermaid dress. It will exaggerate your curves, especially your hips and booty, again making the top and bottom part of your body with more or less equal sizes. Or if you prefer you can go for the simple and clean look, and let’s not forget comfortable one as well, with a short dress. It will match your body perfectly without exposing parts of it you do not feel comfortable with.


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