How to Apply Intense Colour Lipstick

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Kiss your thin, undefined lips goodbye with this tutorial on applying intense colour lipstick! Now, follow the guide below and learn how to put your favourite lipstick on like a pro! The result is colour rich and flattering; the formula does not bleed outside the lip line.

Step 1: For best results, try to exfoliate and moisturize lips on the day of application. Dry lips and lipstick do not mix, so make sure you prepare your lip area first. Moisturising will help give you an even application of lipstick. Then, apply the concealer on your lips. Start from the centre of your lips and then sweep the brush along the perimeter of the upper lip area towards the Cupid’s bow. This technique also makes the lip colour stay longer.

Step 2: Outlining your lips with a pencil that’s one shade darker than your natural lip colour will make them look instantly fuller and defined. The extra marks are one way you add dimension and create the look of fuller lips if you’re wearing an intense lip colour lipstick. With a flat lip brush, carefully blend upwards just enough to diffuse those defined dark lines.

Step 3: Pick up the intense lipstick and apply the colour at the centre of the upper lip and lower lip. If you think that you aren’t very good at using a lip brush to apply the colour, you can directly use the lipstick for the application. If necessary, put on a second coat of the lipstick for a long-lasting, intense color.

Step 4: Observe the cleanness of your application and use Q-tips and tissues to correct any mistakes. Use concealer around the lips to define them. Finally, apply lip gloss to the entire lip area to make the lipstick last longer.

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