High Sleek Hairstyle in 4 Steps

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Who doesn’t love the high sleek ponytail? It’s a look that’s not too hard to achieve, but for some reason, it never quite looks the same at home as it does when it’s done by a pro. Most of the tips are pretty obvious: You blow-dry your hair, run some dry oil through it, pull it up to the centre of your head, and then meticulously brush through the top layer until it’s smooth as glass. Yet sometimes you have to know a trick or two. You don’t have to worry about this anymore! We’ll show you the 4 steps to achieve the desired look. And if you can’t figure out a way to smooth down those pesky hairs that stick out from the top of your ponytail, we have a solution to that too.

Step 1: After prepping the hair with dry oil, divide it into two sections. The bottom one should be a small one. Now you will work with the upper section of your hair and create a ponytail. Hold the ponytail in place with one hand, brushing out any bumps with the other hand to ensure a smooth, sleek ponytail. For best results, begin in the front centre of the head, brushing the hair back to your placement point. Next, brush the left side back, then the right side back.

Step 2: Use your hair elastic or hair bungee and wrap around the ponytail to secure it firmly in place.

Step 3: To keep your ponytail looking sleek and chic, take the bottom of hair from the underside of your ponytail and wrap it around the hair tie. Secure the hair with a bobby pin to hide the elastic, pushing the bobby pin in on the underside of the hair elastic so everything is covered up.

Step 4: Apply firm-hold hairspray all over. As an option, if you are keen on a really shiny, high-end finish, there is a number of finishing gloss sprays that not only add shine but also help tame flyaways and baby hairs.

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