Hair Beauty Secrets that Have Survived the Passage of Time

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It is well-known that there are beauty and fashion trends that last only a season and then they are forgotten for good. There are some beauty secrets and tips that with time have been proven to be not so good for a person, and there are some myths as well which have been proven to be wrong or just not to have the same effect some people claimed they had.

This, of course, does not mean that all beauty secrets and tricks are false and simply a myth. On the contrary, there are some that are actually quite old but are still very popular. And they are that popular because they work.

Today we have decided to list some of these hair beauty secrets that are old and gold. Check them out!

#1 Avoid backcombing your hair

The first of the tips in the list are connected to backcombing and how you should avoid it. It is true that is one wants to add some extra volume to their hair, they could easily do it by backcombing their hair. This, however, makes one’s hair more fragile and easily prone to breakage.

#2 Comb your hair from the roots to the tips of it

It is much better to comb your hair from the roots to the tips of it. This way you will make it shinier and you will help to evenly distribute the hair oils from the scalp to the tips of the hair. As you know, scalps can easily go greasy while the tips of the hair stay dry. If you want to reduce this effect, then it is better to comb your hair from the roots to the tips.

#3 Do Not dye all of your hair when you need to dye only the roots

The next mistake which a lot of women still continue doing, even if it is a very old one and it is not a myth, is when they dye all of their hair when they need to dye the roots of it. Women who dye their hair know that in a month or so, the real color of their hair would appear on the surface and they would have to dye it again.

But why to dye all the hair, then in fact, the only part of the hair which needs it is the roots? One only needs to dye the roots of their hair and they would be ready. It will take them less time, energy, and money.

#4 Use hairspray to tame frizzy hair

There are a lot of women who have to fight frizzy hair regularly. It is very annoying when some of the hair starts popping out here and there. This often happens with baby hair on one’s hairline. The short hairs keep showing up when you try to hide them.

So, how to tame them? One of the easiest ways to do so is to use some hairspray. You will also need a clean toothbrush or a clean mascara brush. Apply some of the hairspray on the brush and then comb these parts of your hair that are frizzy. The result will be almost immediately visible.

#5 Sleep on a silk pillowcase

Nowadays silk items are much popular than they were centuries ago. Silk was very expensive and hard to get. Nowadays, silk products are not so hard to find, but they are still considered a valuable material. All natural products are good for one’s body, but silk is the best one for your hair.

That is why it is best to sleep on silk pillowcases than on any other kinds of fabrics. Cotton, for example, absorbs moisture, which means that if you sleep on a cotton pillowcase, you hair will be drier and more prone to breakage. It is better to sleep on silk pillowcases because they are flattering to the hair and will protect it better.

#6 Protect your hair from the sea water

When summer comes, people are off to the beaches. As much as fun it may be, there are some things that have quite bad effects on people’s bodies. One of them is the negative effect seawater has on people’s hair. The salt contained in the seawater dries one’s hair and makes it lose its shine.

That is why it is essential to protect your hair before you jump in the sea. An easy way you could do so is to use some tap water. Apply some tap water on your hair before you have a swim in the sea. This will make your hair prepared for and a little bit protected of the salty sea water. The same goes for the water in the swimming pools.

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