Great Travel Destinations to Visit in the Second Half of April

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April is the month that reminds people of warm weather, warm but not hot sun, and blooming nature. Unfortunately, not every year this month of the year has great weather. Sometimes it is rainy, windy and cold, and other times it even has snow.

Sometimes the weather at that time of the year is not the best one there could be. And if you wish to escape from it and to go to a warmer and more pleasant place, then you can do it for sure.

Today we have prepared for you a list of travel destinations for your next April vacation. And the important thing is that there are some festivals and holidays included in the list of destinations. This way you will get the chance not only to relax but learn a lot about other countries’ culture and holidays. So check it out!

#1 Spring Festival in Moscow

If you ask a number of people who have not been to Russia what they think about the weather there, you are likely to be answered “freezing and snowy”. It is assumed by a lot of people that the only season in Russia is winter.

Well, this is not the case at all. In fact if you visit Russia during the spring, you will be amazed by the great nature and the good weather there. So, you have a chance to visit it during the annual Spring Festival in the capital of Russia Moscow.

The festival will begin on 22nd April and it will continue up to 7th May. You will have plenty of time to enjoy all the art and sport exhibitions. The festival brings good mood and a lot of colorfulness to its visitors. The main part of the festival pavilions will be placed at the center of the city. This will be surely a nice time to visit Moscow and Russia as a whole.

#2 Japan

The next travel destination in our list is Japan. There are many people who say that this is the best time of the year to visit the country. This is mainly because of the famous hanami. This is when the cherry blossoms starts blooming and the air gets full of these pretty pink flowers. This is a special event in Japan because it symbolizes how short one’s life can be and the fact that everything in the world is transient. That is why people should enjoy every moment. One of the things that might annoy you about visiting Japan at this time of the year is the huge number of tourists who have decided to do the same thing. At least you can be sure that it will all be worth it.

#3 San Francisco and LA, USA

The next place in our list, or should I say places, are two iconic American cities – San Francisco and LA. April is quite a good time of the year to visit them because the weather is not hot, but nice and warm.

There is also plenty of sunshine and tourists can take advantage of the weather to go around and see some landmarks. If you decide to visit SF and LA at this time of the year, you should still prepare some warm clothes, because the night can be quite chilly and when it gets windy it feels cold.

#4 Rice Fields, Vietnam

The next destination you should definitely consider visiting during April is Vietnam and its iconic rice fields. The weather at that time of the year in Vietnam is warm and nice. Some people even consider it hot and one can definitely get some suntan while there.

The reviving nature at this time of the year is so beautiful and colorful that it is breathtaking. One can get in touch with the interesting and exotic Vietnam culture. They can grab a bike and cycle to the rice fields to see a lot of people working there.

The whole experience in Vietnam can be amazing and it can open one’s eyes to their beautiful culture and spirit. A lot of people say that visiting this country they feel purified and ready to start their lives again.


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