Great Theme Party Ideas for Celebrating Halloween

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There are a lot of people who do not like celebrating Halloween because they feel this holiday is suitable for children and not for adults and that they are getting old for such kinds of parties.

But we do not like thinking about Halloween as a holiday suitable for children only. In fact, there are plenty of people whose favorite holiday is exactly this one. After all having a party every ones in a while can help people deal with stress easily and feel more relaxed.

And in this case Halloween is a perfect occasion for having a great party.If you like Halloween and you have decided to host such a party, you may need some ideas and inspirations for the theme of the party.

To help you with the creative part of the party, we have prepared for you a list of theme party ideas which can inspire you to have such or similar Halloween party yourself. Here they are!

#1 Movie theme party

The first party idea in our list is a very popular in general and this is because it is an interesting and probably every one of your guests will like the idea of the party because people like movies. You could make it a specific movie genre party if you like, or you could just stick to “wear costumes with a movie theme” no matter what movie genre it is.

You could start the thematic movie party with the invitations. They could be in the design of cinema tickets. How cool is that, right? And it will not cost you much money getting such invitations or doing them yourself.

As far as decorations are concerned, you could organize the party quite easy. You could put some pictures of famous movies here and there in the place you are celebrating. You could also choose popcorns for one of the main snacks and you could put them in the typical boxes for popcorns sold at the cinemas.

You could also buy some souvenir Oscar statuettes to decorate the food table and if you have a red carpet you could roll it in front of your front door. This way the guests will feel even more flattered and like movie stars.

And if some of them accidentally “forgets” to wear a mask or a costume for the holiday, you could prepare for them some booth props, like ones in the shapes of glasses, beards, hats, and so on.

#2 Murder Mystery Party

The next theme party idea is likely to appeal to all of your guests even if some of them may claim that they are not into crime stories. You could actually organize for them a murder mystery party.

It would be in the spirit of Halloween, which means that you could have the classic creepy Halloween decorations, like ghosts, blood, and old black-and-white pictures on the table and the walls.

The guests will be so wrapped up in the whole solving the mystery story, that you could be sure they will like your party a lot. It will be a great success and it will be in the spirit of the holiday.

#3 Arabian night

The next party idea is inspired by the Middle East and especially by stories like the ones of Aladdin and Scheherazade. If the weather at this part of the world where you will be celebrating Halloween is warm enough, you could easily have such thematic party.

The things that you will need for decorating the setting of the party need to be very colorful, in crayon purple, pink, and yellow colors.

You should also prepare a lot of candles since they are an essential part of the Arabian culture. You could get some pretty short tables and put cushions around them. There should not be any chairs, everybody can sit on the cushions.

Golden can be another color which you could include in the decorations. You could have gold-color dishes, forks, and knives. And you should also do not forget about the traditional Arabian drink, which is best to include in the menu of the party – tea.

You should make sure that there are some belly dance scarves with coins on them. What kind of Arabian Night party will be this otherwise?!

#4 1920s Party

The next kind of party which you could organize for Halloween is inspired by the wild party era of the 1920s. Books like The Great Gatsbyare a great example of the decade and you could actually use them as your inspiration for the party.

You could make the decorations all in black and golden. It will be very classy and at the same time matching the theme of the party. You could not miss to add plenty of feathers, not only in your hair, but also as decorations around the room.

You could have pearl necklaces as interesting decorations here and there. You can also include fabrics with sequins and a lot of hidden champagne. This decade was about partying but alcohol was banned. You can use this as a part of your theme party to make it even more interesting.

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