Great Places to Celebrate Thanksgiving Day

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Thanksgiving is one of the favorite American holidays. It is a family holiday and people usually celebrate it with their close ones at home. However, there are more and more people nowadays who see this holiday as an opportunity to have a short vacation and to spend time with their loved ones.

If you still have not planned where to spend Thanksgiving, then you can check some of our ideas which include both traditional places to spend the holiday in America and new and interesting ones. Check them out!

#1 Plymouth Rock

If you are fans of the holiday and want to plunge into the real spirit of it, then one of the best places for you to celebrate it is Plymouth Rock. This is the birthplace of the holiday. The colony Plymouth was one of the first ones in the states founded by the Pilgrims.

If you decide to spend the holiday there, you will get the chance not only to learn a lot of new things about this historical holiday, but you will also have the chance to dress up as a pilgrim or as a Native American and to participate in the role-play of the first Thanksgiving Day.

#2 Casa Marina

The next place you could visit during the Thanksgiving weekend is Casa Marina which is located on an island off the coast of Florina. There are two main reasons to choose this place for the holiday. The first one is that the weather is hot and you could escape from the coming winter in North America and you could head to the beach.

The other reason is The International Art Sand Competition which takes place every year at that time on the beach. You will get the chance to see some amazing sculptures made from sand. The competition is a tribute to the famous author Hemingway who lived there.

#3 A farm holiday

Since this holiday is a tribute to the first colonizers and their peace with the native inhabitants, you can not only role-play the life back on those days, but you can also spend some time in a farm, close to nature before technologies. You can actually hire a room in a farm and spend the weekend with your partner, your family, or why not friends.

You could have early morning walks in the countryside, you could also try some horse riding, you could have organic fruits and vegetables, and you will have the opportunity to really relax without all those modern-day technologies. The good food and the fresh air will fill you up with energy.

#4 New York

One of the most popular parades that take place in the United States is the Thanksgiving Day Parade which takes place every year in New York. People have the opportunity to watch it live, but the atmosphere is much lively and festive on the streets. If you want to visit New York, one of the suitable times of the year to do so is on Thanksgiving Day, to watch the parade, and to fill in with festive energy.

#5 Hawaii

Hawaii has become a very popular place for Thanksgiving Day because it is hot there at that time of the year, so people decide to have some relaxing days at the beach for Thanksgiving. If you decide to go there, you should know that there will be plenty of other people heading to the beach, which means that you should not mind crowds. Of course, having some nice suntan is not the only thing to do in Hawaii. You could still have the traditional Thanksgiving dinner with roasted turkey.

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