Gorgeous Purple New Year’s Eve Makeup

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Purple is the colour of royalty. It symbolizes power, ambition, and nobility along with creativity and mystery. For all makeup enthusiasts and the makeup beginners, the purple eye shadows must be a necessary shade in their cosmetic boxes. This is why this shade has captivated people for centuries and why we chose this colour to be your best friend for your amazing New Year’s Eve party!

Step 1: Take a small makeup brush dipped in black shadow and gently apply the colour to the corners of your lid. It is best to choose a nice creamy formula as it will help in easy blending the product afterwards.

Step 2: Use the same makeup brush dipped in black eyeshadow to outline your waterline. Line your eyes with just a hint of colour or go for the full artistic look by applying a thick, dark line.

Step 3: To achieve a softer, more diffused effect after the colour is applied, use a small chiselled brush to gently blend the shadow using soft motions along the outer part of the crease. If you want to achieve good coloration all round the eye, a blending brush will work best.

Step 4: Cover the nude area of your eyelid with a purple eyeshadow. Smudge down the colour with your fingertips. This should create a gradual, more sophisticated look. You can add some glitter on the inner corners of your eyes to pop up the final look!

Step 5: For subtle brow touch-ups, apply a hint of highlighter just under the arch and blend it into the skin. Try to keep most of the highlighter on the outer edges of your brow bone.

Step 6: Apply several coats of your favourite black mascara. Layer waterproof mascara on top of your regular formula to make your mascara last longer!

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