Galaxy Nail Art Tutorial

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Give your nails the galaxy treatment with thus 9-step nail art tutorial.

Step 1: Grab a base coat that is a good quality and apply it on your nails. Paint your nails a base of white polish (white polish is pretty much the base of all nail art – it really makes colours pop on the nail). Using even strokes, paint every nail from the cuticle edge to the tip. Base coats not only extend the life of your manicure, but also prevent dark colours from staining your nail beds. Wait a couple of minutes until the base coat dries completely. If you are impatient, fill in a bowl with cool water with some ice cubes and dunk your fingers in it for two to three minutes.

On a piece of wax paper, put several small drops of light pink nail polish. Grab your cosmetic sponge and dip its tip into the pink polish. Carefully stamp the painted sponge onto your nails.

Step 2: Add the darker pink in the same way. Roll the sponge several times to darken the polish colours and increase the gradient effect. This way you will make the transition smoother.

Step 3: Start mixing purple. Always start with a small amount to have everything under control.

Step 4: Repeat this step on each nail.

Step 5: Start applying blue.

Step 6: Then, add a small amount of black around the outside.

Step 7: Look at the final result and add more colour if necessary.

Step 8: Clean up the skin around your nails with a Q-Tip dipped in nail polish remover.

Step 9: Finally, draw stars with white acrylic paint and a dotting tool. Then, apply a topcoat of clear polish to all of your nails. For best results, add a topcoat onto your nails daily to protect your lovely effect from chipping and cracking.


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