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Traveling is among a lot of people’s favorite free-time activities. People go on vacations in order to escape the ordinariness of their everyday lives, to relax, and to see some new part of the world they have not seen yet. Traveling can really broaden one’s view for so many different things and some experts even recommend people to travel whenever they can.

If you are also one of the people who love traveling and are looking for your next place to visit, then you may find curious to learn which some of the current top travel destinations are so you can visit them. We have prepared a list of these travel destinations to let you know which they are.

#1 Paris, France

Maybe it is no surprise that one of the current travel destinations is the capital of France – Paris. The city has been among the top visited places all over the world and it look like that this trend will continue. It is said that the most beautiful time of the year to visit Paris is spring because of the sunny and warm weather.

This way one can enjoy the beauty of the city to the fullest. And if you are thinking of going there soon, make sure it happens during the spring, or early summer.

#2 London, UK

The next travel destination which is a very popular one in the world is another European capital – London. British weather is famous for its moodiness. It is often rainy and cloudy, but this does not mean that it is like that throughout the whole year. In fact, there are some very sunny days in late spring and early summer. This is considered to be a very good time to visit the capital.

Another reason why London is among the top travel destinations at the moment is Brexit. The country will stop being a part of the European Union and many citizens of the continent decide to visit it before it becomes more difficult for them to travel among the countries.

#3 Istanbul, Turkey

The most popular Turkish city is Istanbul even though it is not the capital of the country. It is a really big city which has a lot of monuments and sights to visit, like mosques, palaces, and museums. A lot of visitors also pay a visit to the aquarium which has a big number of different fish species and some very impressive aquarium halls. Istanbul has a lot to offer and that is why a lot of tourists visit it every year.

#4 Bali

You probably had little doubt that there would be a list of popular travel destinations which would not include Bali. Bali is in Indonesia and it is considered by many people a piece of paradise on earth. Every piece of nature you will see there is like one on a postcard. A lot of people who visit the place decide to spend most of there time on the beach and to enjoy the sun.

Others try some of the opportunities which the place has to offer, like scuba diving, going on boat tours, and surfing. If you decide to visit the place, you should not miss to try some of the local dishes and if you have the opportunity to see some local rituals.

#5 Jamaica

Another piece of paradise which not surprisingly among the top current travel destinations is Jamaica. It has some really beautiful beaches as well as tropical nature. There are some very beautiful waterfalls which a person can hike to to see them and to enjoy their beauty.

There are also other things which Jamaica has to offer, like great music, amazing street performers, delicious cuisine, and many other things which will make you fall in love with the place.

#6 Lisbon, Portugal

Portugal is a country which borders Spain and in the past years it seemed that it remained outshone by the beauty of its neighboring country. Spain is known to have amazing culture, traditions, nature, and cuisine, but so does Portugal. More and more people have already started appreciating the beauty of the country and thus to visit it more often.

Lisbon is the capital city of the country and it is often referred to as European San Francisco because of its urban structure and the trams which resemble the ones in San Francisco. The country boasts with some amazing beaches, some of which are among the top beaches in the world. There are many architecture sights which deserve to be seen.

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