Find out Which Some of the Most Dangerous Tourist Destinations Are

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Nowadays people can travel all over the world and see many different and beautiful places. This, however, does not mean that every place in the world is easy to get to. Some places are not very safe for tourists for one reason or another. But the beauty of these places still attracts many people from different parts of the world.

Today we have decided to share with you some information about some of the most dangerous tourist destinations from all over the world. It is best to have in mind that there are some hidden, or not so hidden, dangers there and be extra careful if you still decide to visit them. So, here is out list!

#1 Elephant Kingdom, Thailand

Elephant Kingdom is a farm in Thailand where crocodiles are bred. People who are in search of breath-taking experiences can actually go there and not only see crocodiles in their natural environment, but also feed them.

Tourists get the chance to hop on a semi-closed raft from where they can feed the animals. They are given fishing rods, on which meat, usually beef, is hung. This way they give food to the hungry crocodiles.

People need to be extra careful while doing this because no-one is completely safe when hungry predators are nearby.

#2 Lake Natron, Tanzania

There could be people surprised by the fact that a single lake can be dangerous for people. Well, once they learn about lake Natron, they will surely change their mind. This is one of the most dangerous lakes in the world not because you can fall in it and drown, but because of the alkali salt crust on its surface.

The smell there is so strong that even if you decide to go and see the lake, you would not like to stay there much longer. There are no living creatures in or around it as well. And there is probably no need mentioning that swimming in the lake is forbidden.

#3 Bikini Atoll, The Marshall Islands

When one thinks of the Marshall Islands they are likely to think of beautiful sand, crystal clear water, sunny sky, and a great vacation. Well, this is not exactly the case, especially when it comes to the Bikini Atoll.

This is an island that one should never visit because it is radioactive. In the past there were many experiments that were conducted on the island and even the local people were forced to leave the island.

Unfortunately, the great nature there has turned into a deathly trap and anyone who goes near the island can even end up having cancer.

#4 The Amazon Jungle, South America

To me, South America is one of the most beautiful places in the world. It has an amazingly beautiful flora and fauna, especially if we talk about the Amazon Jungle. There are animal species that live only there and there are even some which have not been found and studied by scientists.

All of this beauty, however, is not so safe and innocent. There are a lot of poisonous plants and animals who can kill a person. That is why adventurous tourists should be very careful if they decide to go hitchhiking in the Amazon Jungles. They need to go there with a guide and visit only the safest part of the jungle. And speaking of poisonous animals in South America, here is the next dangerous place in our list.

#5 Snake Island, Brazil

Snake Island is a Brazilian territory even if it is off the coast. As its very name suggests, the main inhabitants on the island are snakes. And what makes this island so dangerous is not only the fact that there are snakes, but that they are some of the most poisonous ones in the world, the Bothrops.

There are a lot of snakes there, about 5 snakes per square meter. Can you imagine how many snakes there actually are? This is surely a lot of venom. The place is so dangerous that the Brazilian government has prohibited people to go on the island.

#6 Valley of Death, Kamchatka, Russia

Russia is know as a very big country and it is normal that a place with such big territory will have some dangerous places here and there. The most dangerous one in Russia is a part of the peninsula Kamchatka which is called the Valley of Death.

The Valley has such an impressive and scary name because of the high concentration of gas geysers. The bad part is not the geysers themselves, but the toxic gases that come out of them. They pose a serious threat not only to people, but also to any living being, including animals and plants.

If a person decides to visit the place, they will soon start feeling sick. They may also feel dizzy and tired and could even feel out of breath. Let’s just not mention how dangerous it is. This valley has earned its name for sure.

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