Find out Which Beauty Trend to Try This Spring According to Your Star Sign

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There are new and interesting beauty trends that become popular every season. Some of them last only a couple of months, while other trends are so good that they stay at least for a couple of years, it could be more even.

Of course, when it comes to beauty trends, it does not necessarily mean that all the people are going to like them and they will immediately try them. This also depends on one’s personal taste, preferences, and, of course, whether a certain trend will suit them and they are going to feel good in it.

Today we decided to inspire your spring and summer looks by offering you some beauty trends that we think will match your preferences. That is why we created a list of beauty trends for the warmer months of the year for each of the star signs. Check them out!


Aries women are very bold and emotional. They can hardly hide their emotions and are often the center of attention. That is why we recommend trying bold red lips this spring and summer. It will definitely match their fiery personality and leadership skills.


Taurus women are very classy. They like wearing only the best clothes for them, in this number included expensive clothes that will suit them. When it comes to beauty trends, they are not into too colorful ones. That is why this year we recommend them to try some bold brows. It is best to try to accentuate on them and not on your eyes or lips.


For the Gemini we decided to choose something more colorful and fresh to match their personality. And that is why we have chosen parrot kind of eyes, with a lot of colors. If you do not want it to be too colorful, you can stick to yellow, or some two-color combinations, like yellow and green, green and blue, or yellow and purple. They will be all fresh and summery.


Cancer ladies are known for being very gentle and nice. They have such big hearts and white souls that it is inevitable not to include in the trend inspired for them. We recommend 2 main colors for them – pink and white. They could wear flowery nail art in white and light pink, and not to forget about some white eye pencil on their waterlines to make their eyes look bigger.


Leos are the star sign that is born for leadership. People born under this sign are known for attracting attention as soon as they go into a room. And often they do not intend to do it. But since their personality is so strong we could not help but choose for them something very strong and bold – bold lips.

This summer season Leo ladies can try wearing their lips very bold, but not in typical red or pinkish colors, but in darker and unusual ones, like brown, black, and why not purple and blue even. It would be a cool kind of makeup for a night out.


Virgos are not much into experiments. They prefer to stick to traditional kind of things and in that number beauty trends are included. That is why we decided to leave for them the clean and fresh look. This spring and summer try to wear as little makeup as possible, and stick to some of the most important makeup products – mascara and blush. And you will be good to go.


Libra ladies are coquettes. They like looking flawless especially when they do not spend too much time on it. For them we have chosen something quick but still very attractive – the traditional cat eye. Having eyeliner is one way of creating a pretty look without too much efforts. Of course, it is best to stick to some simple liner during the day, and you could try bold one at nighttime.


Scorpio ladies always have their own opinion about things and do not like following trends in general. We suggest them to try some stiletto nails this spring and summer with some interesting nail art, like glitter. Celestial nail art is another kind of trend that could match their taster and personality.


Sagittarius women are probably the biggest coquettes among the zodiac signs. They cannot leave their house even if they are about to go to a shop. This spring and summer they could try some more pinkish kind of eyeshadows, like copper. This also goes for the kind of lipstick they can try. There are different pink hues which gives people with different kind of complexion to try them on.


Capricorn women are not much into beauty trends. They do not like applying makeup and hardly do it, probably on special occasions only. That is why this summer they could go out of their comfort zone and try something more colorful. That is why we suggest some colorful eyeliner, like blue or green one, or if they find it too bold, they could go for some colorful eyeshadow.


Aquarius women do not like following trends because they want to be unique. They are also into the bohemian kind of look. That is why we have prepared for them a natural bohemian look for this summer. Stick to your natural suntan and accentuate it with some mascara and eyeliner.

To complete the bohemian look, they may also wear their hair in loose beach waves. It will match the summery mood of the year as well.


Pisces are one of the gentlest star sign in the list. They would rather hurt themselves than another person. We have picked for them some cute and natural look – accentuate your cheekbones and let your skin glow. You can stick to highlighters and some shiny eyeshadows to let your looks glow the way your personality does.

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